Word Count : 1951
Pairing : Kirk/Chekov/McCoy
Rating : NC17
Fandom : Star Trek XI
Disclaimers : Chekov is 17, which may be illegal in your country. I don't own Star Trek, or the characters of Kirk, Chekov and McCoy
Summary : Chekov, having realised that his Captain is his favourite gay porn star Ricky Rocket, is helping him to re-enact his move Cellblock Sluts. Only problem is, they need someone to play the prison guard....
[community profile] kink_bingo Card 1: Diagonal : Wild Card : Roleplay (Authority Figure)
Sequel to : The Return of Ricky Rocket

Bones stalked down the hallways with a look which sent a few lower ranking crew members scuttling. He had been off shift for five minutes when Jim's voice had echoed through the mess hall. Usually Bones would have given himself a few moments grace to finish his pudding before attending to whatever twisted need Kirk had developed, but when he used the code CMO instead of simply Dr McCoy, he knew it was urgent. Sulu had been happy enough to take the pudding off him. He'd remember that.
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