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Title : All For One
Pairings : Mylar/Syluke/Lukinder ([livejournal.com profile] sylargrrrl  coined that one :-D)
Words : 4821
Rating : NC17
Warnings : Luke is 17 which may be illegal in some places, but not where I am
Prompt : Luke and Sylar join up with Matt, Mohinder and Peter to take on the government. Luke is madly in love with Sylar, but realizes that Sylar only has eyes for Mohinder, who obviously has a thing for Sylar but refuses to acknowledge it. Luke decides to play matchmaker, figuring his best bet to get into bed with Sylar is to somehow finagle his way into a threesome with Mohinder. (I'd prefer this to NOT be non-con or dub-con. Luke's a fast-talker - surely he can figure out a way to make this happen without resorting to violence.
Notes : For [livejournal.com profile] seraphtrevs in the [livejournal.com profile] mylar_fic ficathon
Beta : The always wonderful and fragrant [livejournal.com profile] sylargrrrl 


If in some wacky universe Luke was starring in a movie or a TV show, this would be the part where some kind of music or sound effect established that he was thinking up a plan. He had spent two weeks on the road with Sylar, and after about five minutes he had wanted to have sex with him. True, Luke was seventeen and basically wanted to have sex constantly anyway, but this powerful, dark, handsome, unobtainable riddle he travelled with was making him crazy. He knew Sylar liked guys, he had caught him checking out a waiter at a diner they had stopped at, and of course, there were the stories about Mohinder.


Mohinder, who had such a hold over Sylar, one that Luke could only dream of as he was being slammed against walls for annoying him, or left for a day and a night in a run-down diner. Sylar had tried to moderate his language, he never said that he loved Mohinder, only that they had spent a few hot nights in some motel rooms on the way to Montana or someplace. He had only admitted to that after Luke had goaded him about being a virgin. Sylar’s eyes told a different story, one of lasting pain and lost love. Then there had been the look on his face when the message came through from Rebel.


The car had swung round in the middle of the empty freeway at close to five in the morning and Luke had given up asking where they were going. He and Sylar had arrived in their stolen car an hour ago and had been told they’d have to share a cabin at the abandoned summer camp that the superfriends were using as a ‘base’ as if they’d never seen a horror movie before. Sylar had filled him in about the mind reader, Parkman, and the ‘sponge’ Peter Petrelli. He had spat out their sibilant names as if they stained his tongue just by being there, but Mohinder was said with a softer tone. And Sylar was worried. Luke hadn’t recognised it at first but now he could see. Sylar was distracted and less irritable. Even now he could picture Sylar talking to Parkman as he tried to block his thoughts of the doctor before they made the man blush.


Luke’s problem however, remained how to get Sylar into bed. He was sure that Sylar had been about to make a move when that damn text message came through. God knows once the name Mohinder settled in his head he was thinking about tall, dark and handsome - not skinny, annoying and pliable. Sylar loved a challenge, and that was certainly something that Luke was not. If he was going to have him, he had to bring the object of his affection into the mix too. He was handsome, he had to admit that, but not particularly Luke’s type. Too perfect, too sculpted…He liked his men with a bit of roughness.


He glanced through the window at Mohinder at his ‘desk’.  It was a ridiculously cute former school desk which trapped his knees underneath it and made him look like a thirty year old repeating ninth grade, but Luke guessed it was all he had. The fact that he’d set aside his own place to ‘work’ spoke volumes about the man. He was looking through half-burnt pieces of paper and shuffling them absently.


He took a deep breath and tapped on the open door. “Can I come in?”


Mohinder waved him in and Luke smiled softly. The thinly veiled look of disgust on the man’s face told him what he needed to know. He assumed Sylar had fucked him, and his baby face probably made him look even more jailbait than he actually was.


Mohinder very obviously swallowed his distaste and stood up. “We haven’t been introduced. I’m Mohinder Suresh.” Luke grasped his hand and gave him a limp shake.


“Luke Campbell. You know I feel like I know you already, Sylar never stops talking about you.” He looked around the room nonchalantly. “You doing some research or something?”


“Did you want to talk to me? Because I really have to get on…” Mohinder faltered when he saw Luke’s jaw set and the first glance of tears wet his eyes. “Hey, hey, come on now.”


He came from behind the desk to squeeze Luke’s arm and the boy clung to him desperately, only half believing that it had been this easy. “Please, tonight, will you come to our room?”


“What? What for?”


“He hurts me, he won’t do it if you’re there, he wants you more than me and you can…you can stop him, he’ll listen to you.” Luke dug his fingertips dug into Mohinder’s back and widened his eyes to work up some more tears.


“What do you mean he hurts you?” Mohinder gripped Luke’s arms and pushed him backwards looking into his eyes.


“He doesn’t mean to, he just…he gets carried away and…you know, you have the super strength and everything so....”


“You want me to stop him? Kill him?”


“No, God, no, just….He told me about you two, what you did, on your roadtrip that time. I guess he must get his kicks from being on the road huh? The smell of a seedy motel is like Spanish Fly to him.” Luke bowed his head and wiped his tears, hoping he was blushing. “He erm… He doesn’t know I’m here. I know he wants you though. I can’t blame him.”  


Mohinder let go of him, and Luke wobbled his lip dramatically as he did so. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t know what Sylar’s been telling you but I have no intention of ever letting him near me in that way again. I can’t help you.”


Luke nodded sadly. “I didn’t er….I just thought I’d ask.” He hovered, not done, and went for his trump card. “You’re a doctor though right, I mean could you check these out? ‘Cause I don’t think they’re healing…” he pulled up his black long-sleeved shirt and turned around to reveal pale skin and three bruises almost six inches long on his back.


He resisted the urge to smirk as Mohinder swallowed hard and ghosted his fingers over the marks. “He did this to you?”


“He doesn’t mean it, he just gets frustrated sometimes, you know? I irritate him. I don’t do it on purpose but….I should get back to him anyway, he’d be angry if he knew I was here. They’ll be okay right?”


Mohinder’s head dipped slightly. “I’m not a medical doctor I…I can’t really help you there either.”


Luke nodded and smiled faintly, reaching out to touch Mohinder’s hand. “Thanks anyway..” He walked out, knowing that Mohinder wouldn’t call him back, wouldn’t make a promise he might not keep. He would come though. That was for sure. He just had to work on the cop first.



Luke didn’t know how good Parkman’s ability was, but if it was anything like Sylar’s lie detection he wasn’t good enough to fool him in a direct conversation. He waited until Parkman, Sylar and Peter were huddled over a map before he settled on the grass nearby and concentrated. He formed a montage in his head of every moment of pain and threat Sylar had dealt him since they met; the hand round his throat; being flung against the wall; being pinned in his chair. He threw in some choice images of Sylar stroking Luke’s hair and getting his cock sucked. Sylar’s dark head of hair jerking backwards as inexperienced lips tightened around him. A bead of sweat running down his forehead as he pounded into Luke over and over. He looked up to see Parkman staring at him, concerned, and thought hard about Mohinder squeezing his arm and checking out his bruises. When Parkman looked down again he jumped up and walked off, smiling to himself.



Luke ruffled his own damp hair, hoping that his unusual eagerness to shower hadn’t tipped Sylar off as to his intentions, especially as it was stone cold. They had all retired to bed half an hour ago and he had put in an Oscar-worthy performance; looking up at Mohinder and smiling sadly as he took a deep breath and followed Sylar to their cabin. In an amazing stroke of luck, Sylar had barked at him to hurry up as he trotted along. The coup de gras had been the little backwards glance he gave to Mohinder as he walked into the cabin as if walking to his death.


He glanced up at Sylar disappearing into the bathroom and tried to steady his nerves. Standing to look through the window he saw Mohinder coming right for them and his cock twitched in response. He knew that Mohinder and Matt had talked, but he didn’t know if the cop had been corroborating his story or calling him out as a liar. A soft knock came to the door and Luke jumped up, cocking his head to check if Sylar had heard and stopped the shower.


Luke’s shaking hand went to the door handle and the relief and happiness on his face was real as he saw Mohinder. “Oh thank you,” he whispered. “Thank you, I was….I thought you wouldn’t come.” He stepped back to let Mohinder into the candlelit room, noticing that the man’s eyes ran over his towel clad body before he entered. “He told me I had to shower and he only does that when….He’s in there now. You are here to help me right?” Luke grasped Mohinder’s arm and pulled out his best lost puppy look.


“Yes…I mean…I’ll try.” Truth be told, Mohinder looked like he had no idea what he was doing here. He sat on one of the twin beds and didn’t flinch when Luke pushed his jacket from his shoulders. “I’ll talk to him, try and reason with him…”


“No!” Luke panicked at the volume of his voice and looked towards the bathroom. “No, please, he’ll kill me if he finds out I told.”


“Well what do you expect me to do?” Mohinder looked genuinely lost as the bathroom door opened and Sylar emerged, skin still damp, towel around his waist and a look of confusion on his face.


“Mohinder? What are you doing here?”


“He came to see you. Right?” It wasn’t a lie, Sylar wouldn’t get that tingle and besides, he would probably be so excited about seeing Mohinder that he wouldn’t be in full control of his powers anyway.


Mohinder stood, making his way over to Sylar. As they stared into each others eyes, Luke felt a stirring in the pit of his stomach. This had been a game up until this moment. Now he felt like an intruder on a moment meant only for two people who had been through more than he could imagine. They squared up to each other, both breathing heavily, Sylar hard and probably wishing it wasn’t so obvious. Luke stood, knowing he had to act if they were going to do more than brood at each other. He put his hands around Mohinder’s waist, sandwiching him between himself and Sylar and reaching up to unbutton his shirt. He was as tall as Mohinder and able to look at Sylar directly, taking in that expression that said “I can’t believe this is happening.” Luke’s hands weren’t shaking anymore.


Long, brown fingers were set on Sylar’s chest as he bit his lip. They moved together with inevitable alacrity, but slowly, tentatively. Luke pulled back on Mohinder’s shirt, baring his toned shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. He couldn’t resist touching his bottom lip to the perfect skin, and suddenly he could see how Sylar could get that faraway look in his eyes. To think that someone this lovely could acquiesce to his touch was a little unnerving and he wanted Sylar to touch him, to pay him some attention. He took Sylar’s hand and placed it on Mohinder’s waist and at that moment the two men clashed together, lips smacking, moans escaping as they revelled in each other. Luke stepped back from them, a little heart-broken as he watched his plan backfire in front of him. This time his lip was wobbling for real as he caught his reflection in the dark window and rushed to hide it with the curtains. How could he think that either of these men would want him, he was nothing but a kid, and damaged goods at that.


“Luke, come here.”


He spun round at the sound of Sylar’s voice and almost tripped in his haste to get to him.


“No, wait…”Mohinder held up his hand and Luke hoped his plan hadn’t worked too well. “Luke, lay on the bed. On your back”


Luke dropped his towel and crawled onto the bed, leaning up on his elbows and blushing at his hardness as Mohinder and Sylar came either side of him. Sylar threw off his own towel and settled by Luke’s head, stroking his hair. Luke looked up at him, waiting for instruction, but saw his gaze shift and followed it to see Mohinder, naked and stunning, stroking himself to hardness.


“This is what you wanted wasn’t it? Both of us? Well you’d better start talking Luke and no more lies about me beating you, just… tell us where you want us.” Sylar tipped Luke’s chin and raised his eyebrows.


“Listen, I don’t know what he told you but he’s lying Sylar, I …”


“Stop. Lying.” Sylar’s hand was at his throat and Luke knew from his eyes he wasn’t kidding.


“You’re seriously going to let me tell you what to do?” Luke saw a look shoot between Sylar and Mohinder which he couldn’t quite figure.


Mohinder cleared his throat. “Once we figured out what you were doing, which wasn’t hard by the way, we felt that we might not be able to agree on the er…plan for tonight.”


“So you lucked out. Now start talking, since you’re so smart.” Sylar growled.


Luke thought for a minute on how to proceed before looking at Mohinder. “I want to fuck you while Sylar watches.”


Sylar shook his head. “You don’t even know how, you…”


“Then the doctor can do all the work, right?” Luke lay back and wiggled his hips, noticing the smirk on Sylar’s face which said “Well played”.


Mohinder stretched and smiled a little before straddling Luke and leaning down to kiss his neck. “I suppose a master manipulator like you already has lube and condoms, do they?” he murmured.


Sylar got up and wandered to his jacket. “No but I do.” He tossed a brand new tube and a three pack of condoms onto the bed by Mohinder, settling back alongside Luke and leaning to whisper in his ear. “Because I was a day away from fucking him into the mattress.”


Luke scrunched his forehead in frustration, cursing his bad luck. “There’s still time, you know.” He raised his eyebrows hopefully and thought there was a glimmer of affection there as Sylar scoffed at him.


Sylar took hold of Luke’s cock, stroking firmly. He let go for Mohinder to roll on the condom and squeezed lube onto his fingers. “Watch me do this, you should learn it.” He motioned for Mohinder to kneel up as he pushed a slicked finger inside him. “Of course Mohinder’s a little slutty so this is easier than it should be.” He grinned and ducked as Mohinder cuffed him and then threw his head back as Sylar’s finger nudged at his prostate.


Luke got distracted by the beautiful site of Mohinder’s mouth hanging open and before he knew it Sylar was slathering the lube onto him. He watched, face so hot he thought he might pass out as Mohinder lowered himself onto his cock slowly. No matter what Sylar said, Mohinder felt tight around him and the heat spread across his groin and stomach as his brain caught up with his body.


Luke felt wetness on his cheek and turned his head to see Sylar’s cock bobbing invitingly. He leaned forward and licked as Sylar stroked a hand through his hair and placed another gently on the back of his head, feeding himself into Luke’s wet mouth. He heard Mohinder moan and opened his eyes to watch him fuck himself slowly, sucking in the same rhythm. Sylar was spoiled, turning his head from one sight to the other and panting heavily while his fingers twitched in Luke’s hair. Luke had never seen him like this, sweaty and relinquishing control. His hair was falling over his forehead and his eyelids were fluttering at each movement of Luke’s mouth or moan from Mohinder. Luke moved his head as much he could while he was pinned by Mohinder and Sylar reacted by nudging into his mouth.


“You wanna thrust Luke?” Sylar panted.


Luke just nodded and Sylar pulled out a little, rubbing to help his own orgasm along and finally coming half in Luke’s mouth and half on his throat. He leaned down and kissed Luke deeply, swirling his tongue around to taste himself before moving to get behind Mohinder. “Thrust then, come on.”


Luke saw Sylar whisper something to Mohinder before he reached around him, tugging at his cock. Mohinder’s head dropped back onto Sylar’s shoulder and Luke thrusted for all was worth, gasping and fisting the sheets at the exertion. Sylar’s other hand appeared on Mohinder’s hip and pushed him forward and to the right. Mohinder screamed but Sylar was squeezing on the base of his cock, not letting him come.


“Come on Luke, you first.” Sylar said as he stroked a finger across Luke’s opening. He moaned and nodded, and Sylar inserted his finger, moving it to seek out his prostate. Mohinder looked like he was in pain and suddenly tensed, squeezing Luke’s orgasm from him as he writhed beneath him.


“Oh God! Oh…Wait, what are you…” Luke watched as Mohinder scrambled off him and collapsed next to him on the bed, moaning.


“Please Sylar, please…” he mumbled as Sylar took his straining length into his mouth. Mohinder bucked a couple of times and then let out a huge sigh of relief as he flopped back onto the sweat-soaked sheets, the perspiration already drying on his face in the cold room.


Sylar stood at the foot of the bed, hands on his hips as he surveyed the damage. “Look at you two, no stamina, you look like you’ve run a hundred miles.” He crawled between them, putting an arm round each and pulling them to lay against his chest. “My turn, who’s first?”


Luke giggled, feeling light headed. “What did you whisper to Mohinder?”


Sylar looked at the doctor and they laughed together. “I told him he couldn’t come with you inside him or that super strength of his would rip your dick off.”


“What about you? You don’t have his super strength do you? Cause I want you to fuck me. You said I was in charge right?” Luke tweaked at Sylar’s nipple and shoved himself up on his elbow to look down at him. “Right?”


Sylar sighed, sitting up and rolling over until Luke was sandwiched between him and Mohinder. Mohinder stroked Luke’s back and nuzzled his neck while Sylar ran fingers softly through his hair. “And how do you want it Luke? On your back so I can look into your eyes, or on your front so I can move faster and hit you harder, or maybe on all fours, that always makes a pretty picture.” Sylar looked over Luke’s head at Mohinder. “Or we could just stay like this…” He reached for the condoms and lube and Luke started to drift off as Mohinder played with him – running a finger over his eyebrow, sweeping his lips over the curve of his collarbone and the back of his hand over his thigh. His eyes were wandering over Luke’s body as if he were something to look at. Luke wondered if he was trying to work out what Sylar saw in him.


“The more I look at him, the more I think he’s just beautiful.” Mohinder said quietly.


Luke smiled, reaching back to stroke Sylar’s leg. “I’d say he’s more handsome than beautiful.”


“He was talking about you Luke.” Sylar pushed on Luke’s thigh, bending his leg and pulling it up to expose his opening. Mohinder held Luke’s leg and started to stroke him slowly, laying gently kisses on his plump, pink lips. Luke felt fingers breaching him once more and he hummed as the burn started. He’d not been stretched like this before and panic might have set in had Mohinder not been touching him so expertly, whispering sweet nothings in his ear and letting his breath set goose pimples across his shoulders. Mohinder’s other hand was gently massaging Luke’s temple, calming him as Sylar lined up and pushed inside him, not daring to pause in case Luke’s muscles clamped around him. Luke gasped and his eyes sprang open as the pain hit him, dull like a bruise.


“Move Sylar, keep moving.” Mohinder shuffled down to take Luke’s cock into his mouth.


“He’s so tight, give me something Luke, come on baby.” Sylar stroked the nape of his neck and whispered at him to distract from the discomfort as he started to move. “It’s gonna start feeling good any second now sweetheart, come on and open up for me, I want you. Yeah, that’s right.” Sylar felt a little more give as Luke started to moan. “Oh you like that now, right?” He shifted further forward and hit Luke’s prostate on every stroke, the breathless cries announcing each one.


Luke heard deep rhythmic groans from Sylar and tried to tense around him but couldn’t summon the strength. Mohinder’s mouth on him was hot and insistent, his tongue moving so beautifully that Luke could barely hold a thought in his head. Instead he gave in and relaxed completely, lilting smoothly between the two other men until a lightning bolt shot through him and he came without warning, moaning quietly and shivering as Mohinder sucked him clean.


Sylar hummed, sucking kisses onto Luke’s neck as he continued at the slow, languid pace. One hand was stroking Luke’s hip as Sylar watched himself move in and out of him, the other was firm on his head, stroking long fingers through his soft freshly washed hair. Mohinder looked on as he held Luke’s hand, happy to watch Sylar being so tender with anyone.


Suddenly stilling, Sylar gasped and thrusted as he came, his head lolling back as Luke smiled as the strange sensation. He lay for a second before pulling out and almost falling off the bed. When he looked up Mohinder and Luke were kissing and he laughed at the sight, shaking his head.


“I don’t know what you’re laughing at, you’re the only one who hasn’t been fucked yet…” Mohinder stretched out on the bed and draped an arm around Luke’s shoulder.


“Yeah and I get to choose who right?” Luke glanced between the two of them, thinking about Sylar’s face when he spoke about Mohinder. His eyes had been at once sparkling like they did when he had seen that agent boil on Luke’s living room floor, and watery as they were when he had remembered his abandonment at the diner.  There was more here than Luke could, or should deal with. He jumped up, picking a discarded towel from the floor. “I’ll give you two some space, I’ll be in the shower.” On the way back to the bathroom he brushed Sylar’s stomach, trying to say thanks without having it hang in the air.


When he closed the door Luke saw Sylar perch on the edge of the bed, looking a little lost. He turned on the shower and felt his eyelids get heavy as he heard the water droplets smack on the tiled tray. Remembering the water was cold he sent a microwave from his hand into the jet.


“I wish you’d thought of that before.”


Luke jumped as Sylar placed a hand on his shoulder and kissed the top of his head. “We’re not disturbing you are we? All for one and one for all, that was the deal.” Sylar stepped into the shower jet and hummed as the warm water ran over him. He reached out to pull Luke in front of him and Mohinder followed, massaging Sylar’s shoulders.


“One condom left, we planned this very well.” Mohinder said mostly to himself as he watched Sylar and Luke kissing deeply under the shower. He rolled it on, slicking himself and placing a hand on Sylar’s upper back to get him to bend a little as he pushed two fingers inside him. “Open your legs a little, don’t insult me,” he smiled as Sylar chuckled and shuffled them apart. Mohinder saw Luke’s hand move to touch Sylar and chose his moment to push inside.


“Jeez Mohinder, that’s your idea of prepping is it?” Sylar wiggled his hips and pushed back as Mohinder started to fuck him. “I’ll remember that. Luke, remember that, okay?”


“That’s a warning Mohinder, don’t make me give you a time out.” Luke grinned as the blessed-out look spread across Sylar’s face and he bit his lip loosely.  He covered Mohinder’s hand on Sylar’s hip, happy to be part of something at last.


Mohinder thrust lazily, suddenly tired. He moved a hand up to massage the back of Sylar’s neck with his thumb, remembering that he’d liked that when things between them weren’t so honest. Sylar groaned into Luke’s mouth – the kid was still making out with him like his life depended on it, his face serene like all his problems had disappeared. Mohinder batted Luke’s still hand from Sylar’s cock and smiled as he immediately used it to cup the man’s chin and deepen their kiss.


“Did you fall asleep back there Mohinder?” Sylar asked, breaking off from Luke’s lips.


“No, I thought you had.” Mohinder gripped Sylar’s hips, watching the redness underneath his fingers spread and fade as Sylar healed. He gave a few sharp thrusts and jerked Sylar as fast and hard as he could as the man squeezed around him, but he felt he was fighting a losing battle until a soft tongue started circling his opening. “Oh…oh Luke…” he moaned as he moved to give him better access. “You’re a genius.” The combination of Luke’s humming and the soft glances of his tongue made his knees weak and he felt heat growing in his stomach. He kneaded Sylar’s balls in one hand and stroked him with the other. “Come on Sylar, come for me, I don’t want to be left out.” He tickled at his perineum and thrust again, biting at his shoulder.


Sylar moaned, shifting until Mohinder was hitting the right spot and imagining what he must look like being eaten out by Luke. He felt Mohinder’s curls tickling his shoulder and it was then that he came, spilling over Mohinder’s hand as he let out a strangled yell and fell heavy against him. There was another soft cry and Sylar looked down between his legs to see Luke coming into his own hand. He took a few deep breaths before he realised that the water was now freezing cold and stepped out of the shower. He picked up a towel and opened it wide for Luke to step into, wrapping it from his shoulders and hugging him as he shivered. Mohinder cuddled against Luke and gently pushed him towards the door, Sylar turning to lead them all out into the bedroom. They silently rubbed each other with the one towel, water droplets sprinkling on the carpeted floor. Luke almost fell asleep on his feet and Sylar shook him, grinning.


Mohinder pulled back the covers on the second bed and climbed in, humming at the relative warmth of the bedclothes. He held the covers up for Sylar to push Luke into bed, and Sylar followed, covering them all and rubbing Luke’s cold skin as the boy settled between he and Mohinder.


Sylar felt a hand cover his and his eyes met Mohinder’s as he took it, stroking his fingers as they both snuggled the catalyst for their reunion. They each kissed Luke on the head and smiled as they realised they’d had the same idea. Between them Luke slept, perfectly content for the first time in years and still with little comprehension of the forces he had brought together with his little game. In his sleep his fingers twitched against Mohinder’s palm and the doctor squeezed them as he let exhaustion dissipate the questions and worries that the evening had inevitably brought.


Sylar looked over his two sleeping boys and let a silent and secret wish float off to the heavens with the last of his waking self.

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