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For those unfamiliar, first you pick a letter. Then you pick a fandom (or a crossover) and a character or pairing. For example, H is for Hug, Michael/Pam (The Office). In turn you'll receive a drabble/ficlet of some kind.

EDIT - Sorry this is taking so long, I've been away enjoying myself XD

Fandoms: Heroes, Supernatural, Firefly, Buffy, The Wire, Dr Horrible

A is for: Absolutism - Mylar - Heroes [ profile] toestastegood 
B is for: Blackmail - Luke/Lyle/Zach [ profile] itsjustc 
C is for:
D is for: Daughter - Noah/Nathan - Hereos [ profile] iluvbsbkevin 

and Daddy  - Luke/Sylar - Heroes [ profile] thirdsouthobbi 

E is for: End - Mylar - Heroes [ profile] aurilly 
F is for:
G is for:
H is for:
I is for: Impersonator - Sylar/Alex - Heroes [ profile] ashedrake 
J is for:
K is for: Kink - Buffy/Sylar - [ profile] ofthesounds 
L is for: Lonely - Luke/Sylar/Lyle - Heroes [ profile] moorishflower 
M is for: Masochist - Mylar - Heroes [ profile] mabetini 
N is for:
O is for:
P is for:
Q is for:
R is for:
S is for: Side Effects - Billy/Mohinder - Dr Horrible/Heroes [ profile] speccygeekgrrl 
T is for:
U is for:
V is for:
W is for: Wallow - Luke/Sylar - Heroes [ profile] s8219 
X is for:
Y is for:
Z is for Zoomancy - Sylar/Luke - Heroes [ profile] ashedrake 

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The words are barely there but he can just about make out “Come on…” Sylar’s lips are so close to his ear but not quite touching. Just Sylar’s hot breath forces goosebumps on his skin. The time when he could have pushed him away has gone, now with their bodies flush together and that one question hanging in the air over both of them.

“You can’t keep thinking in absolutes.” Sylar had said the last time he’d rejected him. It’s true, and Mohinder knows it. Now it all comes down to an absolute, a choice between two very clearly defined options.

“Yes.” He whispers back, and Sylar’s lips meet his on the sibilant of the S.

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Re: Absolutism

Ooh, delicious! I lovelovelove when Mohinder finally gives into temptation like that. Gorgeous. Thank you!

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L is for lonely, Lyle/Sylar/Luke (Heroes)

*throws down challenge gauntlet*

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Luke has to give it to Sylar, he’s one smart bastard. He’s getting everything he wanted - the stretching, burning feeling, the strong hands on his hips, Sylar’s breath on his neck. But he’s looking at the kid, the scruffy haired kid whose hand is currently inexpertly pumping him whilst his cheeks redden and his bottom lip quivers. With every spark of pleasure that hits him he sees Lyle’s face and that was Sylar’s plan all along. He’s conditioning him, and fuck it if it isnt working.

When Luke comes a little smile twitches on Lyle’s face and that’s the last straw. He kisses Lyle full and deep in a lover’s kiss and lets their eyes meet. Lyle places a chaste peck on Luke’s cheek and Sylar smiles.

“There you go Luke, I might be around much from now on, but at least you won’t be lonely.”

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Nathan looked away. Let his eyes drift with his body as he lowered himself to his knees. He knew his hands would shake if his movements were slow so he moved deftly, first the button, then the fly, the waistband of Noah’s pants down, his boxers following. He paused for a moment, then took Noah’s cock at the base, thumbing the vein and swallowing him down.

He felt fingers carding through his hair and felt a sickness in the pit of his stomach. This was supposed to be about power, dominance, so why was he petting him like a lover? He tried to speed up, end this sooner, but Noah shushed him, stroking the nape of his neck. Nathan hoped he didn’t actually know it turned him on.

“Don’t rush me Nathan,” Noah panted. “It’s the least you can do.” He gripped Nathan’s hair again, thrusting hard and coming in his mouth.

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Nathan looked up at him. “Are we done?”

Noah smirked, zipping up his fly. “For now. Congratulations Nathan, because of our daughter and your survival instinct, I guess you win. You get a free pass.”

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S is for Side-effects, Billy/Mohinder (Dr. Horrible & Heroes) :D

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“I have a bone to pick with you Doctor!”

Mohinder roll his eyes, “I think I explained that the strength serum wasn’t the finished article, but no, you didn’t listen.”

“Finished article?!” Billy struggled to pull his tshirt off and flung it at Mohinder. “What the hell are these? They’re green!”

“They’re a little….scaly, but they’re not completely unattractive. And you do still have the strength.” Mohinder tried not to stare at the retreating line of scales heading towards Billy’s crotch.. “How er….how far down do they go?”

Billy seethed, pulling down his jeans. “They go all the way down! All the damn way the hell down!”

Mohinder bit his lip. “Well, I am working on synthesizing the antidote that cured me, in the meantime I suggest you er….keep covered up.”

“Oh that won’t be an issue Doctor Suresh, everyone in the frickin’ universe has seen them thanks to that disintegration ray you sold me, which fires backwards by the way. Fires backwards while you’re in the middle of streaming a live blog of your attempt to turn Captain Hammer’s Hamjet into dust!”

Mohinder sighed and checked his watch. “Listen, Billy I’m sorry you’re not satisfied. Tell you what, I’ll give you this brand new pill for free, it will boost your power.” Mohinder handed him a pink pill which he eyed suspiciously before swallowing down.

“If this doesn’t work you know I’ll be back!” Billy bounced out of the door and Mohinder chuckled to himself. This was the fourth time he’d given the kid memory loss pills in as many weeks.

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“Daddy, I’ve been a bad boy, are you gonna spank me.” Luke giggled despite himself. They had been to pick up some groceries and the old woman in the store had assumed they were father and son. Sylar’s face had been a picture.

“I’ll kill you, I swear to God.” Sylar threw the grocery bag on the bed and loomed over him as he flung himself on the bed.

“Seriously, you….you don’t look old. Really. You’re really good looking, I mean stupidly good looking.” Luke tipped his head, nodding.

“At least that’s the truth.” Sylar sulked, laying on the bed beside him. “Stupid old witch, I should have ripped her to ribbons.”
Luke cuddled up to him, fluttering fingers over his stomach. “Well, maybe she has a point,” He pulled Sylar on top of him, wriggling until he was comfortable. “I mean, she did say I should do what my Daddy tells me…..”

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I’m so angry, but it’s just selfishness, I know. How can you be taken from me after two months? Someone is doing this, it’s not natural. Why didn’t my blood work? Why didn’t Claire’s? Someone is doing this to us, and when I find them…

That’s what you always accused me of isn’t it? Blind vengeance, pure emotion. I’m thinking of myself, how it is for me. I’ll cry tonight, but it won’t be enough, I will want someone to see me cry, help me, soothe me. There won’t be anyone there.

In know why this is happening to me, I just don’t understand why it’s happening to you. Please, please come back to me. There’s always a way. I’ve not had to see someone die since…

I didn’t mean it. She was….It was an accident. I love you. Please, please come back to me….

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“Please! Come on, I’ll do anything. Seriously, anything…” Luke tried to bounce his eyebrows in a coquettish way, not entirely sure if he’d pulled it off.

Sylar rolled his eyes. “Luke, what did I say? We don’t use our powers for amusement.”

“I’m not saying amusement, but…you know, you have to try it!”

Sylar looked into Luke’s excited face and felt an overwhelming desire to please him. “Whatever you think Monkey Butlers are, in reality it wouldn’t be as good….Really.”

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Lyle fiddled with the seam of his shirt as he watched Zach squirm behind him. It had just been a little fun, an accidental thing which had seen him kiss his sister’s best friend and almost…okay, completely fallen for him. Now as Sylar’s admission burned in his consciousness he wondered what was to be done.

“So you see Lyle, “ Sylar continued. “If you take care of my friend here, I won’t tell anyone what history I gleaned from this…well, I could be crude but let’s just say garment.

Lyle heard Zach swallow and looked at the boy, Luke. He was cute enough, and he was sure Zach wouldn’t mind sharing him with another guy – hell, he had almost suggested it at one point. “Okay, he can stay here.” Lyle noted the look of relief on Luke’s face.

“Good.” Sylar said, grinning. He kissed Luke full on the lips and ruffled his hair. “Be back soon.” He shot a look back to Lyle and Zach. “I hope you guys have fun…..”

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“What are you, some kind of masochist?”

Sylar grinned. “Right. I knew you’d remember. You said that was the first time you’d seen a genuine smile on me.”

Mohinder cuddled up to him, their skins hot against each other. “And it was a beautiful smile, I have to give you that.”

Sylar thought about that day, when he had returned to the only place that felt like home. The loft might be long gone now but he would never forget that day – the constant sick feeling and the shaking in his hands as he and Mohinder sat talking way into the night. So much had happened to change their situation. They were all gone, all long gone and leaving nothing but two men who had nothing but each other. They had fallen asleep that night in each others’ arms, just how they were now.

“Can you give me another one?”

“Mohinder! That’s very forward!” Sylar smirked pecking his forehead.

“Another smile, like that one.” Mohinder straddled him and kissed along his jawline before sitting back. “Come one, give it up.”

Sylar smiled shyly. “Will this do?”

Mohinder answered by kissing his smile until they were both shaking with want.

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K is for Kink, Buffy/Sylar, ahaha. I'm sorry. I just thought it'd be funny to do something out there.

If the Buffy/Sylar thing doesn't work, I could go for Sylar/Adam :)

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Sorry it's taken so long

“You bastard.” Buffy struggled against invisible binds as Sylar chuckled.

“Now now Buffy, you got what you wanted, you had two glorious orgasm-filled months with your sweet, unassuming Gabriel. Never extraordinary, never demanding, always willing to do what you asked.” He circled her, swishing his fingers through her blonde hair and smirking at her attempts to free herself.

“I’ll kill you. I’ve killed worse things than you in my sleep.”

“Sure you will sweetie, because you just love that pain don’t you? I know you Buffy, you like the bad boy, the one who’ll hurt you the way you like and never apologise. You would have winded up hating Gabriel for his weakness and his humanity but you’ll love me. And you know…..” he leaned in to breathe in her scent and growl into her ear. “I have such a kink for little blondes who fight back.”

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Sylar looked at the boy with new eyes and wondered how he could be so sure about something at such a young age. “You’re making a mistake Lyle, it’s not me you’re looking for.”

Lyle rolled his eyes “Why don’t you cut the crap and just tell me yes or no? You were in here all night with me and we both know what happened so why are you being all…Dawson’s Creek about it?” He flung himself backwards on the bed and sighed. “Just go, okay? I know you’re not interested so, whatever.”

Sylar tried to drag his eyes from the soft skin on Lyle’s belly where his shirt had ridden up as he lay. What had happened last night had been wordless and impulsive and belonged to the darkness. It had no business still existing in the harsh light of day.

“I was just…curious. You were an easy lay and I wanted to try it out, what can I say, you were – “

“Just shut up Lyle,” Sylar pinned him by his shoulders and silenced him with a kiss, almost smirking at the gentle moans as Lyle wriggled underneath him. Curious was definitely the word….

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Can I leave more than one prompt?

If so: I is for Impersonator, Sylar/Alex (Heroes)

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Sylar laved his tongue over Alex’s jugular as the boy moaned beneath him. “You knew didn’t you, you knew straight away and you let it happen.”

Alex screwed his eyes shut and breathed through the delicious pain as the heat between them grew. “I didn’t know anything you sick fuck, not until you…Oh!” He squirmed as Sylar nudged at his prostate and immediately felt ashamed of himself.

Sylar chuckled. “Not until sweet little Claire started to fuck you? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re still not struggling.” He held Alex down, pounding into him as his head was thrown back with a cry.

“Alright, just do it, just….Oh!” Alex came as Sylar’s hands forced his shoulders down onto the bed.

“Choose. Choose now which one you want.”

“You, I want you…”

Sylar smiled as he reached his climax. Best. Power. Ever.

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Luke nuzzled Sylar’s neck shamelessly, occasionally smacking a little kiss onto his warm skin or darting his tongue out to make him shiver. “Didn’t I tell you this would be fun?”

“Hmmm.” Sylar gave the boy a squeeze, shifting slightly in the bed. “It’s pretty disgusting, I know that.” Still he failed to move from the sweat-soaked mattress where they’d been screwing and cuddling, screwing and cuddling for over twelve hours.

“You’ve never just lain in bed all day? It’s the best.” He sprawled on top of Sylar, smiling when their cocks brushed together and Sylar whimpered.

“Already?” Sylar wiggled his hips beneath the boy’s weight and swept his hands down the backs of his thighs. “God, to have stopped ageing at seventeen...”

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I'm going to give you the prompt I almost left for [ profile] toestastegood before going in a different direction:

Q is for quagmire, Mohinder/Sylar (Heroes)

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You caught me in a cracky mood!

“I’m not sure that’s it.” Mohinder chewed his pen and tried not smirk at Sylar’s almost audible eyeroll.

“Trust me Mohinder it is, which means you’re done. Which means it’s sex time. Put down the crossword and let’s do it for God’s sake.” Sylar snatched at the paper but Mohinder was too quick for him.

“I just want to check it in the dictionary, hang on.” Mohinder squealed as Sylar grabbed him from behind and wrestled him into the mattress.

“Eight letters, second letter U, ‘bog’. It’s ‘quagmire’ and you know it, now try this one. Four letters, first letter S, what Mohinder is going to do to Sylar's dick right now….”

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Re: You caught me in a cracky mood!

I love it when you're in a cracky mood! This is totally amusing...and sexy :-) I love the idea of Mohinder doing the crossword and Sylar impatiently wanting to get to the sex. I'd imagine this kind of foreplay between them.

Thank you!!

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V is for Valentines - Sylar/Peter - Heroes OR

V is for Vindictive - Sylar/Peter - Heroes

Couldn't decide which one I was more in the mood for. ; )
Love the drabbles already written on here by the way! : D Syluke and Mylar <333

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I've completely lost track of which letters are taken. I think F is free so:

F is for Fuckable - Sylar/Zach (inorite, WTF pairing? lol)

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I is for imagine- Sylar/Lyle
R is for rage- Sylar/Lyle
C is for cum- Sylar/Lyle
T is for transform- Sylar/Lyle
W is for waiting- Sylar/Lyle
O is for ordeal- Sylar/Lyle

And all are Sylar/Lyle. XD


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