Word count : 1158
Rating : NC17
Notes : For the challenge but also for

[personal profile] perdiccas it's one of her exchange fic prompts that I didn't use, well until now.
Summary : Luke can't help but get hard and Sylar's had enough.


Sylar clenched his fists, trying to avert his eyes from the boy sitting next to him. There had only been one room left, a double. Their first night in a double. As if the ‘issue’ wasn’t bad enough and now he had to sleep next to him too. Of course he could just ignore it, but it was like when someone told you they had a scar which you previously hadn’t noticed, you suddenly couldn’t stop staring at it. Luke got erections as frequently as other people blinked. The first time it happened they have been in close proximity and Sylar had been surprised but not shocked. So the boy had a crush on him, or maybe on anything that breathed, he was seventeen after all.  The second through to about the four hundredth time there were all kinds of things stimulating him and Sylar wondered how the hell he didn’t pass out with the blood so frequently rushing to his extremities.


He glanced over, unable to help himself, and saw Luke was hard again. His hand was rested on his thigh and Sylar knew he was just waiting for his chance to give it a quick stroke through his pants. The barely tuned TV burst into commercials and Sylar grabbed for the remote as two busty blondes popped up on screen advertising a place called Mojito Joe’s. Too late, he realised as Luke’s pale hand moved to adjust himself. Sylar threw the remote across the room. “That’s it. Take your pants off.”


Luke’s eyes widened. “What? What are you…hey!” His pants ripped from his legs as Sylar’s finger moved deftly.


“I can’t take it anymore, you’re hard all the damn time and it’s embarrassing. I’m getting to the bottom of this and then we’re going to find a solution to it.”  He straddled the boy, trapping him between his legs with only thin white boxers disguising Luke’s erection.


“You’re fucking crazy, I’m not hard all the time!” Luke struggled lazily beneath him, his cheeks red.


“You are! It’s not natural to be turned on by everything. Look.” Sylar dug in his pocket and brought out a handful of nickels and dimes, shaking them in his fist. He looked down, satisfied. “There! You’re turned on by coins? That’s ridiculous!”


“M’not turned on by coins, it’s the motion you just did, you know….” Luke made a masturbating motion with his hand, mimicking Sylar. “Come on dude, that’s just obvious.”


Sylar sighed. “Okay, let’s do some word association. Close your eyes.” Sylar turned to lock the door with telekinesis, not wanting the maid to walk in and see their little game.




Sylar looked down and sighed. “What’s that about? I didn’t do anything!”


“You locked the door, that’s a sex sound, you lock the door when you’re naked or…screwing or something.” Luke shrugged.


“You’re a freak Campbell, is there anything you don’t find sexy? In the diner this afternoon I thought you were going to come on my leg and all you were doing was eating ice cream.”


“I was eating a banana split, you know, bananas…”


Sylar shook his head. “What?”


“Well they’re kind of dick shaped and I was eating one…Look I’m seventeen, okay, everything makes me think of sex, everything in the world.”


“That can’t be true. Not everything.”


“Try me.” Luke said proudly. “Oh check it out, just saying ‘try me’ got me hard.” He giggled.


Sylar looked at Luke’s crotch like it was a Rubic’s cube. “Okay er…..mosquitos.”


And there it was.


“Easy, they penetrate you, they’re like little cocks with wings.” Luke closed his eyes and wiggled his hips. “Bring it on.”




“Oh man, weddings. Everyone’s horny at weddings, there’s even a night named after them where you always get laid.”


Sylar blinked, impressed. God there must be something that put the cold water on this kid. “Hurricane Katrina. What the fuck?!”


Luke’s cock sprang up again. “Mm, New Orleans, the Big Easy. Easy lay.”


“Oh my God, you’re ill.  You are mentally ill.” Sylar rolled off him and went to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him and splashing cold water on his face. He looked in the mirror and saw his cheeks were red with embarrassment, but he was sure that Luke’s wouldn’t be. He was shamelessly horny. Sylar shook the water from his face and walked back into the room where he saw Luke, head bowed on the bed and wrapped in a bobbling orange blanket. “What’s the matter, you got a thing for blankets too?”


Luke looked up sadly. “There’s nothing wrong with me, you don’t understand.”


Sylar looked at his big puppy eyes and pouting lips and felt a weird compulsion to gather him up and cuddle him. He settled for sitting next to him on the bed and placing  a hand on his shoulder. “Then tell me, what is it, are you lonely or something?”


“Of course I am, but it’s not just that. Don’t you get it? It’s you that’s making me like this, not what you’re saying or what you’re doing, it’s just…being near you. The sound of your voice…everything.” Luke sighed heavily, gathering the blanket around him.


Sylar rolled his eyes and pulled the surprised boy between his legs, hugging him from behind and setting his chin on his shoulder. “I had no idea I was so irresistible” he smirked.


Luke giggled. “Yeah right. You have no idea.”


Sylar kissed his neck, and slipped a hand into the folds of the blanket, letting his fingers glance over Luke’s cock and registering the sweet little gasp that he gave. “Maybe if we do this you won’t be so…frustrated in future.” He put his hand inside the boy’s boxers and stroked him firmly, nuzzling his neck and closing his eyes to better appreciate the beautiful sounds he was making. “I can think of so many things I could say or do that would make you so hard you’d pass out, it shouldn’t be so easy for me.”


Luke let his head fall back onto Sylar’s shoulder and gripped the blanket, trying to stave off the orgasm he’d been after since the dark haired stranger had first wandered into his life and shown such interest in him. His plump, pink lips parted and he heard Sylar hum.


“You know I never really knew what the term ‘cocksucking lips’ meant until I met you. When I first saw you it was me with the hard on, you were so cute, so damaged, so needy. It was intoxicating.” He licked at Luke’s neck and jerked him faster, wondering what the boy would do for him once his own desires were satisfied.


“S – Sylar. Sylar I’m…I’m gonna….Oh! Oh God!” Luke twitched and came into Sylar’s hand as he shushed him and stroked until the last of tremors were over.


Sylar smirked and pecked him on the cheek. “Good boy. Now it’s time for you to…Jesus Christ! You’re hard again!?”




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