Title : 'Flat Coke and Potato Chips'
Pairing : Heroes : Luke/Lyle
Rating : PG 13
Word count : 1119
Notes : Inspired by this art by Kiyo Michan

"Give it to me!" Lyle's face was red as he tried to snatch for the remote control which was being dangled invitingly just out of his reach. "Give it to me Luke!"
"You want it? You want me to give it to you Lyle?" Luke smirked. He hadn't had this much fun in ages, hadn't gotten to be a kid in ages. Now he was holed up at the Bennets' he was making the most of teenage life again, and the delicious circumstances that Sandra had left them in - Luke was babysitting Lyle.
"Yes! Give it to me, stop being a jerk."
"What? What was that?" Luke cupped his own ear as if he hadn't quite heard him. "You want me to jerk you off? You want it?"
"No!" Lyle squirmed in annoyance as he made another pointless grab for the remote.
"Oh you don't want it? Fine, I'll just turn off the TV then, because there's only this totally gay show about robots or something on, and you totally have a boner for this...robot guy right here, and frankly it's embarrassing." Luke gestured towards the screen at an episode of Dollhouse.
"He's not a robot, he's a doll, that's why it's called Dollhouse dumbass. You can imprint any personality on them and they'll do whatever you want."
Luke glanced at the screen, temporarily distracted by the possibilites that might present, and Lyle took his chance and grabbed the remote. "Hey!" Luke grabbed back but ended clashing his body against Lyle's and tumbling them both off the couch onto the floor as Mr Muggles barked his displeasure. It took a couple of seconds for both of them to realise that Lyle was on his back with Luke straddling him, their hands both clasped on the remote. A moment passed where they stared at each other, each waiting for the other to move. Luke smirked again and Lyle rolled his eyes.
"Just get off of me and let me watch my show, stop being such an attention seeker." Lyle squirmed underneath Luke and instantly regretted it when the other boys raised his eyebrows and started to mock-hump him, one hand on Lyle's shoulder and the other still firm on the remote.
"Ooo, yeah, you like that doncha? You like it rough Lyle, I know your type. Don't worry honey, I'll be gentle with you. If you're a good little boy..."
Lyle shrugged. "Yeah, I do like it rough. Rough and hard. Do you have it in you? Becasuse honestly I don't think you could fuck your own fist and make it feel it, you little pussy-ass bottom!"
Luke started to colour as he fought to respond. "Lyle you're such a...fucking....homo."
Lyle grinned. "Oh, did I hit a nerve?" He beckoned Luke mockingly. "Come on then stud, prove it to me, prove you can actually give it to me nice and hard like I like it."
"I...." Luke wasn't dumb. He could play Lyle at his own game. "Okay, fine. Bedroom. Now."
"Great! Fine! I will! I'll go to the bedroom and get naked and just wait for you there. And then we'll see."
Luke swallowed, and wondered if he could extricate himself from Lyle without the other boy noticing he was hard. "Well what are you waiting for Lyle? Get up and go wait for me." He awkwardly swung around as if he was dismounting a horse and sat back on the sofa expectantly, stroking Mr Muggles.
Well played, thought Lyle as he lay there. He looked Luke in the eyes and shook his head. "Nah, I changed my mind."
Luke gave a look of triumph as he relaxed a little. "See, I knew you were..."
"I wanna do it right here." Lyle grinned. "Bedrooms are soo vanilla. You're not vanilla are you Luke?"
"No, I...great, let's do it here. Take off your clothes."
"You take 'em off."
Lyle rolled his eyes and stretched out on the floor. "I knew it. Such a little pussy...I bet you never eve...Mmmm." His mocking was silenced by Luke's lips as the boy returned to straddle his hips, holding Lyle's arms above his head as he gently bucked against him.

Luke listened for clues as to whether Lyle was into this or whether he was about to get up and punch him. The other boy just lay there, compliant with the pressure on his wrists,lips and body as Luke kissed him fervently. He had missed being this close to someone, having the heat of another human being to warm him and not being shoved away. He didn't want to back off Lyle, or open his eyes because that might give Lyle the chance to reject him. He almost moaned when Lyle finally rolled him and they lay side by side facing each other. Luke's green eyes met Lyle's blue and an embarrassed silence settled over them. Luke started to pout as he waited for the inevitable rejection. He hoped his lip wouldn't wobble.

Lyle sighed. "On Friday nights I get ready for bed early and sit on the couch watching TV under a blanket with some potato chips and flat coke. Don't mess up my routine okay?" He hauled himself to his feet and reached out a hand for Luke who grasped it, surprised, and let himself be led upstairs into Lyle's room. In silence they stood, undressing without a hint of self-consciousness and pulling on baggy tshirts and pyjama pants. Luke had a slightly stretched grey whitebeater and burgundy plaid flannel pants while Lyle had a white tshirt and blue striped cotton pants. They looked about as cute as each other and were surreptitiously checking out each others' asses in the thin pjs. Lyle pulled the soft, blue comforter off the bed and took Luke's hand again as it were part of his aforementioned 'routine'.

Luke was a little dazed at all this but went along with it, as Lyle seemed so blaze about the whole thing. He settled next to Lyle on the couch, Mr Muggles long having since gotten bored and vacated it, and found himself being cuddled within the folds of the blanket. He blinked, not quite believing, before giving in to the madness and shuffling until he was comfy, settling his head on Lyle's shoulder.

"See they can be loaded with any personality you need, like an assassin or..." Lyle brought him up to speed on the show while Luke just hummed, not really listening. He couldn't think of the word to describe how he was feeling because it was so alien to him. At another time, when cuddling under a blanket with flat coke was his routine too, he would figure out that the word was 'content'.



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