Word count : 2232
Pairing : Kirk/Bones/Chekov
Rating : NC17 Summary : At Chekov's suggestion, the boys are re-enacting the Ricky Rocket porn classic Nympho Nurses 2.

Previous Parts : The Return of Ricky Rocket and Ricky Rocket 2 : The Prison Guard's Revenge

Chekov looked perturbed. Yes, thought Jim, perturbed was a good word for how he looked. Another word was freaking hot as fuck. Okay that was four words. Is it hot in here?
"You said nurse's outfit for me." Chekov stated, twisting to look at himself without the benefit of a mirror.
"Yeah, and you're wearing it. And you looking amazing." Jim nodded with encouragement.
"But this is for a woman. I am a man. You can see my ess."
"Your what?" Jim looked confused, wondering when Bones was going to get back from the lab with the other props.
"My ess! You can see it!" Chekov pointed at his pale backside which was barely covered by the white nurse's dress.
"Oh your ass! Oh yeah, well that's kind of the point. You're a sexy nurse. A nympho nurse, you know, like in the title." Where was Bones? One word from him and Chekov would wear a frigging ballgown.
The Ensign pulled at the back of the dress, trying to preserve some dignity. "Is much too short, you can see everything! Not very professional to have my balls hanging out on the ward!" He pleaded, giving Jim that wide eyed look that only worked about 95-99% of the time.
Jim rolled his eyes. "Fine, you want some underwear?" He rummaged in his trunk and pulled out a scrap of material, flicking it towards Pavel. "Here you go. Red, like in Engineering."
Pavel stretched the lace thong across his fingers. "These are for girls, Sir. Girls with no external sex organs. Why do I have to be the girl?"
"God dammit Pavel!" Jim sighed. Time for the old Kirk charm. He stood, sidling up to the young Ensign and placing one hand on the back of his thigh and one in his gorgeous curls. "Pavel, baby, you're so beautiful. Girls are beautiful, soft and irresistible, just like you. I would make a terrible girl, you make a very.." Peck on the cheek. "Very...." One on the lips. "Sexy one.." Little nip on the earlobe. And that's a wrap. He looked at Chekov, who was still not looking convinced. He huffed, irritated. "Dr McCoy will come in his scrubs when he sees you."
"Okay, I will do it."
Jim shook as his head as he extricated himself. "I must be losing my touch."
The door shushed open and Bones entered with a box of suspect looking medical supplies and wearing dark blue scrubs. The box nearly hit the floor when he saw Chekov. "Good God, man. That's....well. Damn."
Chekov blushed, running his fingers through his curls in an attempt to make them fall looser. "Thank you Sir. It is more comfortable than you would expect."
"I'll bet...." he murmured, shaking his head and dumping the box on the floor by the bed. "Now I'll be damned if I can remember most of Nympho Nurses 2, someone will have to fill me in. Not too good on the old medical kink, bit of a busman's holiday if you ask me."
"Just go with the flow Bonesy, it's a porno, not Tolstoy, you'll pick it up." Jim threw his clothes onto a chair and stretched, finally pulling on a backless hospital gown. "Oh look Pavel, you can see my ess and I'm not whining about it. You guys wouldn't last five minutes in the industry." He got into the bed which had been thoughtfully furnished with hospital corners by one of Bones' bemused nursing staff without his knowledge. "Okay, so I start moaning, the 'nurse' comes to help me, and then the Doctor catches us at it. Ahem...Oooooohhh! Ooooh God, I'm in so much paaaaiiiinn."
Bones and Chekov exchanged a look as they both rolled their eyes at Jim's performance. Pavel cleared his throat and tugged down his dress a little. "Please Mr Rocket, try to keep calm. You have sustained a great many injuries at the Sex Olympics and you really need to rest." He wiped a damp cloth over Jim's forehead and placed a gentle hand on his chest. "Now, why don't you start from the top, and tell me what's wrong."
"I think I'd rather start from the bottom..." Jim grinned. "I wrote that line you know. Got a credit for it."
Chekov raised his eyebrows, pulling back the bed clothes. "Why don't you tell me where it hurts? Perhaps I can relieve some of your pain?"
"Well, I think I had so much sex that now my dick is expecting it. I need to come, really, really badly. Please, nurse, can't you help me?" Kirk winked at Bones, who was seriously wishing he had brought a magazine with him.
"Alright, Mr Rocket. I will try and relieve some of your discomfort. Please lay back and stay still." Chekov clambered onto the bed, pushing up Jim's gown and batting his eyelashes at the captain in an approximation of allure. "Don't worry Mr Rocket, I'm a professional." He quipped, wiggling on his belly and letting Jim's flushed cock nudge against his lips as he readied himself.
"Oh nurse, suck me good." Jim growled as Pavel tongued his slit and took the tip into his mouth, sucking gently. "Mmm, oh that's good. Do they teach you that in nursing college?" That was another of Jim's lines but he didn't mention it. Gotta stay focused, especially when some sexy little Russian dynamo is eating your cock while your best friend watches. He was balls deep in Pavel's mouth now, the little guy was deep throating him for all he was worth, gulping around him while his quick tongue pressed into the vein and his pink lips slid up and down. "Oh....nurse, I'm gonna....Oh!" Jim struggled for breath as he came and Pavel continued to swallow around him.
"What the hell is going on in here?"
Kirk noticed Pavel's face light up as he heard McCoy's voice. What was it about that grumpy old bastard that the kid liked so much?
"Oh doctor!" Pavel squeaked. "I was just administering some medical relief to this patient."
McCoy gripped Pavel's hips as the Ensign got up on his hands and knees. "Oh you were, were you? Nurse, what have I told you about coming to work dressed like a whore?"
"I am sorry doctor, is a laundry day and they were all I had." Pavel was still grinning, Jim noticed. Probably because he knew what was coming next.
"I'm not interested in excuses nurse, you're going to have to be punished." McCoy came round the bed until he had Pavel side on and slowly lifted his dress to reveal his tight ass in the red lace thong. He stroked it softly before bringing his hand back and slapping so hard that he left a clear red hand-print.
"Oh!!" Pavel jerked violently and McCoy looked at him with concern.
"Are you alright son, I..."
"Yes, please don't stop, do the lines, do the lines!" Pavel begged.
McCoy cleared his throat, impressed. "Ahem, that's one, you dirty little slut." Smack! "You think you can go flaunting your body around this hospital?" Smack! "I'm gonna teach you a lesson you filthy little whore." Smack!
"Oh fuck, Dr McCoy....." Pavel was panting, dazed as he took every strike.
"Just you wait," Smack! "I'm gonna spank you 'til you're raw," Smack! "And then I'm gonna fuck the life out of you so you remember to stop being such a slut." Smack"
Jim took in Pavel's blissed-out expression. "Come to think of it that's kind of a contradiction in terms..."
"Mm, da Captain, one of the only flaws in an otherwise amazing film."
Smack! "Shut up, whore. I'm gonna fuck you 'til you see stars."
"Oh doctor, yes, please, I'm bad! Very bad!"
"No!" Jim yelled dramatically. "No, doctor, it was my fault he was sucking my cock. Please don't punish him any more on my account."
McCoy scrambled in his box of tricks, trying to remember the lines. "Oh, well...alright then, I guess. Er...I'll just....not do that then."
Pavel sighed. "Perhaps doctor, you can treat me first?"
"Oh! Yes! I'll treat him for his injuries before I fuck him." Bones shook his head. "This movie is awful." He popped the cap on a bottle of calamine lotion and squeezed some onto his fingers before rubbing it soothingly into the red marks on Chekov's ass.
Chekov's sighs made McCoy's cock think it was Christmas and he quickly shed his pants, pressing in harder with his thumbs over the raised flesh. He could see his hand-print clear as day and kind of wished he had a camera. Or a tattooist's needle.
"What do you think you deserve, nurse. Should I be gentle with you?" he asked rhetorically.
"No! No doctor, you should punish me for being so bad."
"As you wish...." McCoy lubed himself up, using his slick fingers to open Chekov up gently. He might be re-enacting a porno, but he was still a doctor god damn it and he could still be tender when he chose. Seemed like Chekov didn't care either way....
"Now doctor, please! Fuck me!"
"Alright, keep your panties on.." he hissed. "Ahem, alright. Now let's get these panties off." He hooked his fingers in the red lace and pulled the thong down past Chekov's knees and off, flinging it to one side. McCoy looked at the little pink bud of an opening before him and decided to go off script a little. He bent down, easing Chekov's cheeks apart, and started to tease at it with his tongue. He could hear Chekov reacting with ecstatic yelps and Jim saying "What? What is he doing?" Smiling, McCoy continued his ministrations, only pausing to let Chekov calm himself before he continued, relishing the pretty noises spilling from his mouth. When he heard Chekov start to sob a little he plunged a finger into the wet hole and started to pump it, adding another, and another.
"Please, please doctor, it is torture." Chekov begged.
"Alright, alright." Without any more ceremony McCoy lined up and pushed inside him slowly, taking his time to enjoy the heat growing around him. "Oh! Oh Pav - er nurse! You feel good as a summer's day."
"That's a little poetic Bones, I think the line is 'Fuck yeah'."
"Shut up, Jim."

"And Chekov, you're meant to be moaning and shit, from down here this looks like a love scene."

"S-oh.....mmm...sorry Captain, erm, Ricky, er....oooh." Chekov was too far gone to be either coherent or authentic. This felt different to the last time, slower and more gentle.

Jim rolled his eyes and grabbed his cock, jerking roughly. "I'm not gonna go off script you know? You're getting the facial, I don't care how sweet you look like that, with your eyelashes fluttering and your lips quivering and...oh fuck, I can't do it." He twisted round onto his knees and took Chekov's face in his hands, kissing his cheeks over and over. "God you make a pretty girl." He reached between Chekov's legs and started to stroke him slowly, wanting to be in some way responsible for those amazing sounds he was making.

Bones bit his lip and by Jim's estimation that meant he only had a few thrusts left in him. "Christ, darlin' you're too much." He growled, giving in and pulling Chekov against him as he quickened the jerk of his hips. He came with a sigh and a curse and pulled out slowly. "What was that, like seven minutes? Couldn't even pull double figures."

"Is fine doctor, quality not quantity." Chekov gasped as Kirk continued to stroke him.

"Out of the way Jim, turn over sweetheart." Bones was determined to salvage his performance, bending over the bed to take Chekov into his mouth.

"Oh, doc-mm." Chekov was silenced by Jim's kiss as the captain tried to get in on the action, swirling his tongue and nearly getting it bitten off for his trouble when Chekov came.

"Ow! Jesus, Pavel I'm sure glad I didn't fuck your face like in the script, you might have bitten by dick off..." he whined, sticking his tongue out and looking in the mirror for bite marks. When he turned around Chekov was sat on the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around Bones's waist as they stared into each others eyes like moon-faced kids. "Bones are you smiling?"

"Hmm? Shut up Jim, I smile. When there's something worth smiling about, like this little treasure."

"I am treasure?"

"You are, look at you, you sweet little thing, I might just have to take you back to my quarters and lock you up."

"You wouldn't have to lock me up doctor, I wouldn't run away..."

"Oh my God, enough!" Jim stood with his hands on his hips. "You know I'm beginning to regret ever asking you down here Bones, I started off with a porno-loving slut who was begging me to fuck him and now you've turned him into this cuddling, kissing little honey-dripper."

"Aw, Jim, you're breaking my heart here."

"Don't worry Captain, you have some romantic movies, the stable boy ones are quite sensual." Pavel nodded, ever the connoisseur.

Bones wrinkled his brow. "Jesus, Jim, how many of these movies did you make?"

Kirk looked up, doing some math in his head. "Oh I dunno, five, maybe...six hundred."

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