December 14th 2017
Luke instantly regretted what he had just done, but the tacky miniature Christmas tree was in his hand now. It was paid for with stolen money and the gas station was relieved to have gotten rid of their last one. He didn't think he could bring himself to throw it in the trash, so he slid into the passenger seat and tried not to look at Sylar.
It didn't work. It never did.
"What the hell is that?"
Luke met Sylar's angry eyes and set his jaw. "It's a Christmas Tree. It's almost Christmas."

To Luke's surprise Sylar just sighed and started the car. "What is it with you and Christmas? We don't even have anywhere to put it."

"I know. Never stop long enough. Always on the run." He reached across despite his better judgement and used his one Get Away With A Telling Off card for the week to squeeze Sylar's leg. "Doesn't mean we don't have to make the effort."

A grunt from Sylar told him that the conversation was done, and that Luke could have what he wanted. Luke gave a smirk. A tiny victory for sentimentality, but a victory none the less.

#1 Mohinder and Sylar ask Elle to carry their baby - crack - PG - requested by [ profile] ladywilde80 

#2 Mohinder is a merman and Sylar is a ship's captain - crack - PG- requested by [ profile] megmatthews20 


Prompt : Peter/Nathan Crack  "Do you have PMT or something?"
Rating : M

Prompt : Peter/Nathan Bittersweet
Rating : M

Prompt : Peter/Nathan "Angels Would Fall" by Melissa Etheridge
Rating : NC17
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For the Size Matters table in

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All are PG-13

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( Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:53 pm)
Title : Stocking
Rating : PG
Word Count : 172

Mohinder could tell he wasn’t sleeping. Usually after such a steamy session Gabriel was out like a light, but tonight something was niggling at him. Mohinder was determined not to rise to his ridiculous musings and hugged the pillow, trying to drift off.


“It’s just….”


Mohinder moaned. “Will you please leave it, I told you I don’t know where they came from.”


“Then aren’t you the tiniest bit curious as to how a pair of black stockings found their way into the apartment of two men?” Gabriel turned over and snaked his arm round Mohinder’s waist.


“It was just the first thing I found that would do for tying you up, will you please stop reading into it and get to sleep?”


“Sure Mohinder. Good night.” He cuddled up to him, pecking him on the cheek. “I just wish you’d have told me about your stocking fetish earlier because I….Ow!”


As the pillow smacked into Gabriel’s face Mohinder allowed himself a little smile. Maybe he’d get him into those stockings after all…

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( Dec. 20th, 2008 01:02 pm)
Title : Snowman
Word Count : 166
Rating : G

Mohinder panted, his back aching from bending over to roll the snowball into something vaguely head-sized.


“Need some help there?” Gabriel smirked, watching Mohinder’s exertion.


“No thankyou, some of us want to get into the spirit of things, not just cheat.” Mohinder heaved the head onto his snowman and concentrated on placing the carrot nose and stone eyes onto his creation. He added buttons and arms from sticks and stood back to admire it. “There! Pretty good I think you’ll agr….”


Mohinder gasped at what Gabriel stood next to. It was a kneeling life-size figure of Mohinder, perfect in its detail and intricately picked out with even individual curls and eyelashes. “How did you….?”


Gabriel flushed. “I get wonderful inspiration.”


Mohinder shook his head in awe. “Not that it isn’t perfect, but….do you think you could put some clothes on me? We do have neighbours to think of.”


Gabriel rolled his eyes and started to re-mould. “How come it’s okay for your snowman to be naked?”

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( Dec. 17th, 2008 09:22 pm)
Title : Bauble
Word Count : 162
Rating : PG


Gabriel stared into Mohinder's eyes as they lay facing each other )

Pairing : Sylar/Mohinder/Gabriel



It took a lot to render Sylar speechless, but this, yes, this would just about do it. He had assumed the ability of Joy Watson would create an image, like a projection, but here was a living, breathing, trembling doppelganger. He inclined his head quizzically, running his eyes over Gabriel’s body.


“Do you talk?” he asked, reducing the space between them.


“Yes.” Gabriel answered, watching Sylar with interest.


Sylar put a hand to Gabriel’s cheek, stroking it and half expecting his hand to drift right through. “I’d forgotten how pretty you were.” He brushed his cheek against Gabriel’s breathing in the familiar scent of the plain soap he had scrubbed himself with every day. “Take off your glasses.” He ordered.


As Gabriel did so, he closed his eyes. “Don’t hurt me. I know you want to but please don’t.”


“I do want to,” Sylar growled. “Look at you, so weak and pathetic!” He gripped Gabriel by the hair. “Get on your knees where you belong.”


Gabriel sank to his knees and started to hyperventilate as he saw his more aggressive self unzip his pants and take out his cock, pumping it fast. “I don’t know how…” Gabriel began to protest but was silenced when Sylar forced his cock into his mouth, fucking his face with his hand still twisted in his hair.


Sylar knew he wouldn’t last as he watched his former self suck him, trying to cope with the onslaught on his virgin lips. “We’re going to have so much fun together Gabriel, you just have to learn that I’m in charge.” He pulled out and came over Gabriel’s mouth and chin, milking every last drop from himself as the watchmaker gasped and coughed. “You know I always wanted a brother, and now I have something even better.” He turned away, zipping up his fly. “Clean yourself up, “ he barked. “We’re going to pay a visit to Mohinder….”



“Hello Mohinder.”


“Hello Mohinder.”


“Oh fuck.”


Suresh backed up, ready to pounce, but at which one? He looked at the one with the glasses, but he recognised the look in those black eyes and leapt at the other man, gripping him with one hand on his head and one arm spanning his chest. “Back off or I’ll snap the neck on your new toy.”


Sylar smiled, flinging off the glasses. “You couldn’t hurt him Mohinder, he’s so innocent. He’s never even been touched. Besides, we didn’t come here for a fight.”


Mohinder pushed Gabriel away from him but the man ducked back, hiding behind him, gripping him like a saviour. “Please, you have to protect me from him, he’s crazy.”


“That’s right Mohinder, get between us or I might hurt him.” Sylar pressed himself against him, grinning as the doctor reached behind to hold Gabriel. “I knew you’d get it.” Sylar whispered in his ear, licking gently at his earlobe.


Mohinder moaned, grinding against Sylar. “Who’s first then?”


In answer Sylar spin him round to face Gabriel. “Kiss him nice and slow.”


Mohinder complied, taking Gabriel into his arms and opening up his mouth with gentle kisses until he was able to sweep in his tongue. He moaned into Gabriel’s lips as he felt Sylar undo his pants from behind him and take his cock in hand. Sylar pumped steadily, leaving warm breaths at the back of Mohinder’s neck.


Gabriel opened his eyes momentarily. Their clothes swap meant he was looking at the image of himself, wantonly nuzzling the doctor’s neck. He heard Mohinder’s breathing hitch as he approached his climax and kissed him harder, reaching between their bodies to add his hand to Suresh’s cock.


Mohinder came, moaning and grabbing at Gabriel’s hair. He let his head rest on the man’s shoulder as he heard Sylar’s satisfied hums from behind him.


“Oh Mohinder,” Sylar chuckled, “the three of us are going to have so much fun together.”


Pairing : Firefly : Mal/Simon

There was an old Earth-That-Was saying, Simon recalled from his ancient lit classes. Something like ‘taking the rough with the smooth’. He knew his friends would roll their eyes when they saw his latest client but he didn’t care. As soon as he’d seen the man on the cortex he’d known the type. First time applicant, working stock, probably shot a few men but would be gentle and loving despite his rough edges. When Simon had made the engagement, he had even known what to wear.


He looked at himself in the mirror, the blue silk made him look austere and unattainable to a man like Malcolm Reynolds. Maybe he would like that, the idea of something technically unavailable to him being so very very available tonight, open and pliant, ready to fulfil his every desire with no questions asked. He heard the discreet ding of the bell which meant that Mr – sorry, Captain Reynolds had arrived. He stood by the bed, checking that the tea set was correctly placed, more out of convention that necessity. He knew there would be no tea ceremony today but he didn’t want the client to feel that he wasn’t worth the effort.


Simon felt a warmth spreading across his stomach as Malcom Reynolds entered. On the cortex he had looked handsome, but it was his physicality, his height, those broad shoulders and thighs. So refreshing after a week of slender mother’s boys who hadn’t done a day’s toil in their lives. He smiled warmly and approached his client, the blue silk shirt shushing gently as he moved.


“Captain Reynolds, welcome.”


The man nodded, clearly uncomfortable. There was the scent of Dutch courage on his breath and past his confidence his eyes gave him away as nervous. Simon took Malcolm’s hand and placed it on his hip, looking up at him with wide eyes. If he showed vulnerability, Reynolds would instinctively take charge. He’d had his type before.


Sure enough, the Captain pulled Simon to him, kissing him deeply and letting his calloused hands scrape across the silk he was wearing. He deftly unfastened every mother of pearl button before taking down Simon’s pants and pushing him towards the large bed. Simon allowed himself to be propelled along, every thought leaving his head until he caught Malcolm’s gaze and realised they were both naked, and panting, and that Mal was waiting for something.


Simon pulled the man closer, opening his legs and pressing a firm hand to Mal’s ass, spurring him on. Moments later he was being rocked gently, Mal stretching him, pressing further inside and kissing his collarbone as he fucked him.


“You’re so beautiful, thankyou, thankyou.” Mal was muttering into Simon’s ear as he slowed his pace, stroking him firmly and kissing, licking, sighing.


Simon smiled as he revelled in the worshipful lovemaking. This was why, unbeknownst to him, Malcolm Reynolds got a 90% discount.


Pairing : Noah/Nathan


Nathan stared at the ringing cellphone, too tired to even lean forward to see the caller ID. Eventually he sighed heavily and stretched to pick it up. Bennet. Well this could be one thing or the other and he seriously hoped it was the other.




“I’m guessing you’re in that fishbowl of an office again? Well this is going to be interesting.”


Nathan smirked as he realised it was Thursday night. Noah was off and he had the house to himself, which usually sent his thoughts straight to his dick. The last few week it had been the same thing, not that Nathan was complaining. All work and no play…


“What can I do for you Noah?” Nathan slid his chair further under the desk and wondered whether he could get away with touching himself.


“It’s what I can do for you Senator. I bet you’re very tense right now. I bet you’d like to have someone easing up those shoulders for you.”


Nathan’s cock twitched as he imagined that firm no-nonsense grip on his tired muscles. “That would be acceptable.” He murmured, scanning the corridor for any movement.


“Of course to really take the edge off, I’d have to be on my knees under that big desk of yours, swallowing your cock.”


“Hmm. Yeah, that would work.”


“I bet it would. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Feeling my mouth around you, all your stress disappearing. Are you touching yourself?”




“Are you picturing me under there? Sucking your dick while anyone might see us? Any of your agents could walk in right now, see you with you hand on your cock, getting off on dirty talk from your second in command.”


“Given yourself a promotion have you?” Nathan increased his speed, imagining Noah sucking him. He always made him take his glasses off, he liked him like that.


“I mean second in command of your sexual satisfaction. I guess I’d be starting to taste you right about now, you must be close, your voice is more high pitched.”


Nathan just panted. He wanted to come so that he could stop worrying about being caught. The fear of detection wasn’t a kink of his at all, he liked locked doors, secrets. He liked being able to do what whatever filthy thing he wanted.


“Come on Senator, come for me. Nathan…”


At the sound of his own name Nathan came, jerking forward and covering his moans with a cough.


On the other end of the phone, Noah laughed. “See you tomorrow Nathan, room 12a at noon. My turn.” The line went dead as Nathan panted, grabbing tissues from his desk drawer. One day, this whole thing was going to turn on him, but until then, he may as well enjoy the ride.



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