Title : Tables
Rating : NC17
Pairing : Noah/Nathan
Word Count : 1364
Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] iluvbsbkevin  who is Jonesing for some Noathan after ep 3.15,  thanks to wonderful [livejournal.com profile] sylargrrrl 


Bennett watched Nathan pacing, on display in the glass walled office while he talked on the phone )


Heroes Icons from episode 3.14 (and some randoms) Read more... )

Pairing : Noah/Nathan


Nathan stared at the ringing cellphone, too tired to even lean forward to see the caller ID. Eventually he sighed heavily and stretched to pick it up. Bennet. Well this could be one thing or the other and he seriously hoped it was the other.




“I’m guessing you’re in that fishbowl of an office again? Well this is going to be interesting.”


Nathan smirked as he realised it was Thursday night. Noah was off and he had the house to himself, which usually sent his thoughts straight to his dick. The last few week it had been the same thing, not that Nathan was complaining. All work and no play…


“What can I do for you Noah?” Nathan slid his chair further under the desk and wondered whether he could get away with touching himself.


“It’s what I can do for you Senator. I bet you’re very tense right now. I bet you’d like to have someone easing up those shoulders for you.”


Nathan’s cock twitched as he imagined that firm no-nonsense grip on his tired muscles. “That would be acceptable.” He murmured, scanning the corridor for any movement.


“Of course to really take the edge off, I’d have to be on my knees under that big desk of yours, swallowing your cock.”


“Hmm. Yeah, that would work.”


“I bet it would. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Feeling my mouth around you, all your stress disappearing. Are you touching yourself?”




“Are you picturing me under there? Sucking your dick while anyone might see us? Any of your agents could walk in right now, see you with you hand on your cock, getting off on dirty talk from your second in command.”


“Given yourself a promotion have you?” Nathan increased his speed, imagining Noah sucking him. He always made him take his glasses off, he liked him like that.


“I mean second in command of your sexual satisfaction. I guess I’d be starting to taste you right about now, you must be close, your voice is more high pitched.”


Nathan just panted. He wanted to come so that he could stop worrying about being caught. The fear of detection wasn’t a kink of his at all, he liked locked doors, secrets. He liked being able to do what whatever filthy thing he wanted.


“Come on Senator, come for me. Nathan…”


At the sound of his own name Nathan came, jerking forward and covering his moans with a cough.


On the other end of the phone, Noah laughed. “See you tomorrow Nathan, room 12a at noon. My turn.” The line went dead as Nathan panted, grabbing tissues from his desk drawer. One day, this whole thing was going to turn on him, but until then, he may as well enjoy the ride.



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