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( Jun. 16th, 2009 12:35 pm)

I noticed there wasn't a ZQ community here on LJ, which is a disgrace, so I created [community profile] zacharyquintofans 

Come and join, add, post, spam etc

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( Mar. 22nd, 2009 05:07 pm)

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“Sylar you’re wasting your time, and MY time, so just shut up and kiss me.”


Zachary glanced at his water bottle as he was pinned against the wall of his trailer, wondering what the hell he’d been slipped. There had been only one other occasion when he had committed a sexual faux pas with his very straight, very married co-star. Sendhil had been so understanding about the drunken pass that he’d made only weeks after they first met, so why was he in his trailer right now, in costume, in character, trying to kiss him and calling him –


“Sylar! We don’t have time for games, there’s a doppelganger out there and I think the Company sent him, so let’s just have the reunion we said we’d have and then get out there and stop it.” Mohinder went straight for Sylar’s belt, panting heavily while his aching cock rubbed inside his pants.


“Sendhil, please, I don’t….I don’t think…..oh God….” Zach’s eyes rolled back in his head as Mohinder started to jerk him. “Oh God, Sendhil, you don’t want this…What’s…hmmm, what’s with the lab coat, what is this?”


Mohinder started to grind against Sylar’s leg, desperate for any friction, wanting to get off fast so he could have a clear head when they teamed up to stop this doppelganger. “What, you don’t like the coat? You’re weirded out?” Mohinder couldn’t place it but there was definitely something wrong with Sylar today. More wrong than usual.


“Well, I’m more turned on than anything else but….oh!...oh…..mmmm, why? Why now? Oh Sendhil….” He held the man tight, kissing his cheeks breathlessly. His eyes were glazed with the promise of orgasm but he came to his sense when through a gap in the curtains he saw Sendhil talking to one of the crew. He pushed the man away, letting his eyes bounce between him and Sendhil who he half wished would go away so he could deny he was going crazy. “What the…what the fuck! Who are you?!”


Mohinder looked confused, wondering if Sylar had suffered some kind of amnesia. “It’s me Sylar! It’s Mohinder, are you alright?”


“Mo…Mohinder? What the hell is going on here?”


The man sighed, hands on his hips. “Well I had planned on wanking you off and then trying to convince you to suck my cock but if you’d rather lose your marbles?”


Zachary looked at the facts, the beautiful man standing in front of him who didn’t have a wife or kids he had to feel guilty about, the man who wanted to make him come and then get his dick wet. He shrugged, dropping his pants and pulling ‘Mohinder’ back to him “What the hell, it’s my birthday soon.”



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