Title : Undercover (Part Two)
Word Count : 2517
Rating : PG for some naughtiness
Disclaimer : These characters are not mine
A/n : For the prompt 'undercover as a couple by [livejournal.com profile] darkqueenakasha  and cliche table at [livejournal.com profile] mission_insane 


Mohinder blinked himself awake, and for a moment thought he’d gone blind. It took a minute for him to realise that he was staring directly at Gabriel’s black boxer briefs, which embarrassingly Gabriel was actually wearing. Mohinder glanced up and saw that his partner was kneeling up on the bed with his ear to the wall and a look of concentration on his face.


When Gabriel glanced down to see Mohinder was awake he pressed a finger to his lips to shush him, then pointed urgently to the pen and paper on the dresser. When Mohinder handed it to him he scribbled down some numbers and an address before pumping his fist triumphantly.


Gabriel slipped down and back into bed, holding out the paper. “I got it. I got a drop point and a time. He never goes on drops himself so he’ll be here at the hotel with minimal security at the time it goes off.”


Mohinder nodded, glad that last night’s conversation had been forgotten in the excitement. “When is it?”


Gabriel gave an apologetic look. “Not til Monday.”


“Monday? What are we supposed to do until then?”


“We keep up the charade, see if we can get any more information.”


Mohinder sighed. He had hoped this would all be done and dusted before the weekend was out, and now he’d spent a night describing his fake kinks to a serial murderer he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this arrangement. “I don’t know how long I can keep it up, can’t we just stay in the room until Monday?”


Gabriel was frustrated. “God, Mohinder would you suck it up? You have to pretend to be gay for a couple of days, what’s the problem? Last night you said…”


“It’s not the being gay part I have a problem with, it’s who I have to pretend with!”


It was impossible for Gabriel to disguise the wound, and Mohinder started to react “Look, I’m…”


“Forget it. Just stay here if that’s what you want” Gabriel said quietly, walking into the bathroom and slamming the door.


When he emerged fully dressed 15 minutes later Mohinder was still trying to think of an apology. “Gabriel I…”


“I said forget it.” And he was gone.


“Dammit!” Mohinder hurled a pillow across the room. It was him who was turning this assignment into something it wasn’t. Gabriel had no sexual interest in him and he couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. The same presence and physicality that had made Sylar so intimidating was what made Gabriel so attractive. He felt drawn to him and hated himself for it. Last night he had started to act like a teenager, lying about his sex life, trying to impress, flirting even. What was that about? The mission was complex and dangerous and he was here letting emotion and pride rule him.


Mohinder jumped up and grabbed his clothes, heading for the shower. He would have to find Gabriel and apologise properly. If Gabriel wanted to avoid blowing their cover he’d have to pretend to be fine with it.


Once dressed Mohinder headed for the elevator, running through his apology in his head. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he didn’t even notice Ana Rivaldo standing with him as they headed for the ground floor.


“Lover’s tiff?” Her accented voice jolted Mohinder back to reality.


“I’m sorry?” his heart started to pound as he realised who she was.


“I heard a door slamming this morning, and your young man, he is not with you?”


Mohinder began to calm. Just a nosy old woman, not a trap.


“I’m sorry if it disturbed you, we just….had a misunderstanding.”


“You go to him now, yes?”


“Yes. I’m going to find him. To apologise.”


She squeezed his arm and leaned in, whispering. “There is only one way to apologise to a lover. You understand?”


Mohinder gulped. “Yes, I think I do. Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind.”


As the elevator doors opened the waft of cold air just about stopped Mohinder from fainting. He glanced around the lobby looking for Gabriel and finally went to the reception desk. “Excuse me miss, have you seen my, erm. My husband?”


“Yes sir, he’s in the lounge.” The receptionist smiled sweetly. “He asked me to give you this note.” She handed over a folded piece of hotel notepaper, on which was written “Go screw yourself.”


Mohinder sighed and smiled at her before scrunching the note up and heading for the lounge. He spotted Gabriel reading the morning papers with a coffee and walked over, plucking up all his courage. When Gabriel saw him he laid down the paper and looked expectantly. Mohinder sat next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.


“Darling I’m sorry about this morning. Please forgive me my love, I hate it when we argue.” He brushed a finger lightly through Gabriel’s hair and stared deep into his eyes, praying that no-one was watching.


“Do you know what you’re sorry for Mohinder? Or are you just trying to placate me?”


“I said something very hurtful and I am truly sorry. How can I make it up to you?” Even as the words escaped his mouth Mohinder knew that that last part was a mistake. Gabriel grinned, turning towards him in the chair.


“Do you love me?” Gabriel asked, straight faced.


Mohinder paused but didn’t dare look around to see if anyone was listening.


“Of course I do.” He finally squeaked out.


“Do you want me?”


“Y-yes, of course. I want you very much.” God please let this be over.


“Well this morning it sounded like you weren’t attracted to me anymore. It sounded like you didn’t want to be seen with me.” Gabriel raised his eyebrows, wondering how far he could push this without sending Mohinder into a hissy fit.


Mohinder’s shoulders dropped. This could go on all day and all because he couldn’t learn to bite his tongue.


“That’s not true darling, I am attracted to you, you’re..stunning. You know that. I’m very proud to be seen with you.” Ok, this bit might be a little, tiny bit true.




Mohinder was confused. “Why what?”


“Why am I attractive – what is it about me?”


“Well, I…” Mohinder suddenly felt very dizzy.


“What, don’t you know?”


“Yes! It’s your…eyes. You have lovely eyes.”


Gabriel scoffed. “That’s what people say when they can’t think of anything else.”


“No!” Mohinder held Gabriel’s shoulders, looking straight at him. “No, really. You have the most beautiful eyes, and those long, dark lashes. I love your lips, and your gorgeous smile. And your arms, God you have great arms. And your stomach. And your shoulders. In fact everything, from the waist up. And the rest too. It’s all..breathtaking, you are quite honestly the most attractive man I have ever met and I want you desperately, in every moment we’re together.”


Gabriel was momentarily incapacitated. Had there been a ring of truth to that? He decided to let Mohinder off the hook. Not least because he was glad he’d noticed his arms. “Ok, I believe you.” He leaned forward and kissed Mohinder on the cheek. “Now let’s talk about how you can make it up to me…”


“What? That wasn’t it?”


Gabriel gave him that look that said ‘You are so naïve’. “Telling your husband you love him and want him is not making up, you should do that anyway. Tonight, after dinner…” he beckoned Mohinder closer to stop the neighbouring table from overhearing. “We’re having an early night and we’re going to loosen you up a little.”


A chill ran down Mohinder’s spine. Now of course he would refuse later, but right now he had to keep up appearances. He knew Gabriel would like it if he looked nervous at the prospect, so he bit his lip and widened his eyes a bit. Gabriel gave a wolfish smile and picked up his paper while Mohinder let his face drop and waved the waitress over for some coffee.


The rest of the day passed without incident – Marridas and his cronies were nowhere to be seen and the two of them had had lunch and wandered in the hotel grounds, holding hands of course. Gabriel had smiled to himself when he had stopped to tie his shoelace and found that Mohinder immediately grabbed his hand back afterwards. Mohinder had noticed Gabriel staring at him as they sat in the flower garden, and his feelings about what Gabriel had meant by ‘loosening him up’ drifted from terror to curiosity and back from hour to hour.


Now, sat in the darkened dining room with a picked-at dinner in front of him Mohinder was back to terror again. He felt like he was on a first date with someone expecting him to put out. He downed his glass of wine, was this the third or the fourth glass? He couldn’t remember, he just knew that he still felt shaky.


“Are you ready to go up?” Gabriel gestured towards the ceiling.


“Why don’t we have a drink at the bar and then go up?” Mohinder tried to stall him.

“Mohinder! You’re not trying to get me drunk are you?”


“Just thought it would help me to..loosen up as you put it.”


Gabriel shrugged and went to get up. Mohinder tried to follow but found that his legs were full of wine. Before he knew what was happening, Gabriel was helping him to his feet and steering him to the bar with one arm around his shoulder. “Two whiskeys please. Doubles. Expensive ones.”


Mohinder took a deep breath as Gabriel set him down on a bar stool. He didn’t know how long he could make this drink last. An hour? No, Gabriel would never allow that. He playfully rubbed Gabriel’s leg thinking that a little flirting might delay him from the main event. Maybe by the time they got upstairs he’d be too tired to…The thought died in his head as he saw Gabriel down his whiskey in one gulp.


“Come on Mohinder, drink up.”


“I can’t drink as fast as you, give me a minute.”


Gabriel rolled his eyes and dropped some ice into Mohinder’s neat whiskey. “Don’t give yourself a headache now, because I have a bag full of Tylenol and no mind for games.”


Mohinder crumbled and downed the whiskey, nearly choking on the ice cubes. It was hopeless, he would just have to throw himself on Gabriel’s mercy and hope he would be gentle. “Fine, let’s go.”


Gabriel smiled excitedly and took Mohinder by the hand. As they exited the bar and walked through the lounge Gabriel suddenly stopped. “Wait a sec, I just need to borrow this…” He reached towards the book shelves and came away with a battered Scrabble set, not even looking for Mohinder’s reaction. Puzzled, Mohinder let himself be pulled along to the elevator. Gabriel didn’t say a word on the way up to the room, but once they were inside the door he turned on his heels and took Mohinder’s head in his hands, kissing him hard for just a second and dropping the Scrabble set in the process.


“Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” He said nonchalantly as he walked to the bed.


“What? Alright, this has gone too far, I don’t mind a little hand holding but you closed your eyes just now. This is all too – why are you taking your clothes off?”


Gabriel smirked as he dropped his pants, kicking them off and laying on the bed stripped to his boxers. “Could you pick up those Scrabble tiles please, and pick seven at random would you?”


“This is how you’re going to loosen me up? Naked Scrabble?”


Gabriel smiled kindly. “Oh Mohinder you’re so cute. Come over here and lie next to me, and bring those tiles. We’re not playing Scrabble.”


Mohinder was baffled but he was following this madness step by step and right now the next step was nothing more than lying, fully clothed, next to a semi-naked man and holding some Scrabble tiles. He breathed deeply, then kicked off his shoes and lay on his stomach next to Gabriel, propping himself up on his elbows. He dumped the tiles on the bed. “Now what?”


Mohinder didn’t like the way Gabriel kept smiling knowingly. “Now Mohinder, pick up a tile and read the letter out.”




“We’re playing a different kind of Scrabble. Whichever letter is on the tile, you have to kiss me on a body part beginning with that letter. Now what letter is it?”


Mohinder looked at the tile and swallowed hard. “It’s a P.”


Gabriel grinned and closed his eyes. “Fantastic.”


Mohinder allowed himself a smile now that Gabriel couldn’t see him, and waited a delicious moment before edging closer and kissing him an inch above his left nipple.


Gabriel squinted at him questioningly.




“Well played Mohinder, okay pick again.”


“Now hang on, we’re not taking turns?” Mohinder faked disbelief.


“Fine, but you have to take your clothes off too.”


Mohinder paused before sitting up and unbuttoning his shirt, mindful of Gabriel’s eyes on him. Realising he wouldn’t get any privacy he undressed fast, trying to minimise the other man’s enjoyment. Down to his own boxers he finally lay back down in the same position, careful to lie on his stomach and not allow Gabriel to see how hard he was definitely going to get if his lips touched him.


“So P huh? Are you going to turn over?”


“Nope, you’ll have to try and remember your latin.”


Gabriel searched his memory and finally bent down to kiss the back of Mohinder’s leg, behind the knee. The sensation made Mohinder suck in a breath and his leg twitched.


“Popliteal fossa.” Said Gabriel. “Your turn.”


Mohinder reached out gingerly and turned up a letter H. Head? Too vanilla, he wouldn’t be accused of that again. Heart? Too sentimental…


“I’m waiting Mohinder.”


He stared at Gabriel. It might just be the wine, and the whiskey talking, but he really was beautiful. He took the opportunity to let his eyes wander down his prone body. Slowly, he reached up and pulled down the elastic band of Gabriel’s boxers, exposing his hip bone. Gabriel gasped as Mohinder gently settled his lips on the joint and kissed. Mohinder felt Gabriel harden against the hand resting on his upper thigh and looked up to see him tremble, eyes closed.


Mohinder sat upright and pulled his hand away, turning his back on Gabriel. He felt the other man’s hand on his shoulder and flinched.


“Got a little too real there, didn’t it?” Gabriel sighed. Mohinder leaned back into his touch.


“I’m sorry Gabriel, I….”


“Don’t apologise.”


Gabriel shuffled over to his side of the bed and got under the covers, scooping up the Scrabble tiles as he went. Mohinder got in next to him and they lay looking at each other for what seemed like an age. Gabriel suddenly reached to turn off the light, and in the darkness, and under the covers, felt Mohinder take hold of his hand.

Part 3

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