Word count : 1715
Rating : NC 17
Pairing : Kirk/Chekov
Summary : Pavel Chekov realises that someone on board the Enterprise looks like his favourite porn actor.

Chekov’s brow creased as he watched the back of the cadet’s head. Maybe a lot of Americans looked like that, slightly dirty blonde hair, shining blue eyes and plump, pink lips. Maybe it had been so long since he dug out his stash that all the faces were blurring into each other. Still there was something about Cadet Kirk which made him think of the first ever porn he saw.

It was a magazine called BoyToyz., pretty tame compared to some of the stuff he had seen since but when it had first peeped out from under the bed of his Academy room mate it had been the only skin mag he’d ever glimpsed and had seemed so shocking. All those fit young men with their trimmed pubic hair and proud, flushed cocks pointing at him. One had stood out, Ricky Rocket he had called himself. His movies had been advertised in the back pages and Pavel had worked up almost as much of a sweat building the courage to order it as he had when it had arrived.

Ricky’s movies were pretty similar. In the first film he would be the leather jacketed punk who caught the eye of the prim and proper boarding school boy. Prim and proper until he was being bent over his own desk anyway. In the second film he would be the cell mate in the juvenile detention centre when a young, fresh faced boy was brought in. Invariably the new boy would offer Ricky his ass in exchange for protection. Sure the characters might change a little, maybe Rick as the college barman, taking his pick of the cute young freshmen, or Rick as the stable hand fucking the son of the Lord of the Manor. Pavel knew every piece of dialogue off by heart by the time he was a senior, and had seen Ricky in every position possible. He was pretty damn sure that if Kirk wasn’t Ricky, he had a slutty twin he didn’t know about.

A month after he had first noticed the resemblance he had been convinced by his own body. Kirk had walked past him in the corridor and winked and Pavel had had to hold his PADD over his eager erection which seemed to spring up in an almost Pavlovian response. That night he dug out the only Ricky Rocket movie he had brought with him and played it through headphones, in the corner of his room, in the dark. After a few minutes there was no doubt – that was Kirk’s voice, Kirk’s ass, Kirk’s six inches pounding into a slim young man who didn’t look unlike Chekov himself. He had watched the whole thing, just to be certain, he told himself.

“You’re quiet tonight. No subspace particle fluctuations you wanna describe? No inter-engine proton charge acceleration ideas you wanna get off your chest?” Kirk looked at Pavel, who was suddenly finding something very interesting about his own knuckles.

“No, Sir. Nothing.”

This had been the first time that Chekov had ever been alone with Kirk. They had never been put on duty together, and indeed were not supposed to be teamed up tonight but a spaceboard virus had laid enough people out that the gamma shift schedules were all to hell.

“Are you scared of me Ensign? You seem edgy. I don’t make you edgy do I?” Kirk spun round on his chair, legs spread.

Pavel cocked his head. Where had he heard that before? “No Captain, I am not edgy. I am fine.”

“You sure are.”

Oh God. Pavel felt his face start to burn. He was doing the dialogue from Cellblock Sluts! He crossed his legs trying to hide his very obvious erection. Did the Captain know? “I don’t know what you mean Captain.”

“You know, space can be a pretty dangerous place for a sweet little thing like you.”

Pavel swallowed hard. He could either continue to feign ignorance, or….What was the next line?

“Don’t you think you could use some…protection?” Kirk bounced his eyebrows and Pavel almost exploded.

“Da! Yes, yes…I think I could use some protection, Sir.” He searched his memory. “Maybe…maybe I need someone….” Oh God, he was going to say it, he could hear himself starting to say it. “Maybe I need someone..watching my ass?”

“I knew it!” Kirk jumped up. “Pacman! I knew it!”

Pavel flushed crimson. “How do you know this name?”

“Come on, it’s not exactly up to your usual coding skills. Your initials? Pavel Andreiovich Chekov? And my most regular customer on BoyToyz Live!”

“Oh no….” Pavel had completely forgotten about BTL. It was the natural progression from the movies, a live videocast which the watcher controlled, under a pseudonym usually. He had only used it a few times though. Three max. Maybe four or five. Definitely not more than a dozen. Each month.

“Oh yes…well this is interesting.” Kirk stood, placing his hands either side of Pavel on the chair arms and leaning in. “So er..where were we?” He cleared his throat. “I’ll do more than watch your ass, honey. The only way to stop someone plugging that cute ass in the showers…” He leaned in further, until his breath was burning Pavel’s ear. “…Is to have someone else already inside.”

“Bozhe moy…” Pavel was hard as a rock and could barely remember his own name, never mind the next line. “Captain I….”

“And that, Ensign Chekov is why you will be spending your next few hours scrubbing my bathroom.”

“That is not the line Sir, I think it is….”

“Line? What the hell are you talking about Ensign, now double quick before I have you on a disciplinary.” Kirk stalked out and Pavel suddenly realised that their shift relief had turned up without him noticing, looking a little suspicious.

“Oh, aye Captain. Right away.”

Pavel paced nervously. The Captain’s quarters had been unlocked but he still wasn’t certain he should be in here. He settled on the bunk, knee bouncing with nerves. He would give it five minutes and then…

“So you’re the new boy huh?”

Pavel looked up to see the Captain in the doorway. At this point in the movie ‘Ricky’ was shoved inside the cell by a guard and the Captain jerked forward in an approximation of the moment. God, think, Pavel, think, he told himself. Don’t ruin this by freaking out.

“What’s it to you?” He spat as the Captain quickly locked the door behind him.

“I’m your cellmate, and if you let me I can make this easier on you.” Stalking over, Kirk swung his hips a little and grabbed his crotch as Pavel leaned back on the bunk. “Are you afraid of me new boy? You seem edgy. Do I make you edgy?”

“No, I am not edgy. I am fine.” Pavel quickly pulled off his boots and scuttled back against the wall of the bunk.

“You sure are.” Kirk knelt on the bunk facing him, a pronounced bulge in his pants. He reached out to stroke Pavel’s face and the Ensign affected a flinch. “You know, space can be a pretty dangerous place for a sweet little thing like you.”

Pavel moved his head until his lips brushed against Kirk’s open palm. “Maybe I could use some protection. Maybe I need someone watching my ass.” The line seemed a lot less ridiculous now it was delivered so breathlessly.

Kirk ran his hands down the back of Pavel’s thighs as he leaned in and whispered into his ear as he’d done before. “I’ll do more than watch your ass, honey. The only way to stop someone plugging that cute ass in the showers is to have someone else already inside.”

Pavel moaned as Kirk unfastened his pants and pulled them down roughly. “Turn over and let’s get you marked before you get passed around C-Block.”

Pavel flipped over, pushing his pants down the rest of the way and letting Kirk pull them off as he settled on his knees, bent over the bunk.

“Christ, look at this cute piece of ass right here, you’re all mine new boy.” Kirk growled before reverting to his normal voice and whispering urgently at Pavel “I know in the movie I don’t use condoms or lube but I …”

“Yes, yes is okay.” Pavel whispered back, taking a deep breath while Kirk scrabbled around behind him.

“Ahem..” Kirk made a spitting sound effect which covered the sound of him snapping on the condom and gently started to finger Pavel’s opening. “I’m not prepping you new boy, you’ll have to learn what it’s like to get fucked raw.” He lied as he added another finger and scissored them slowly.

“Oh, it hurts, it hurts, you’re so big!” Pavel moaned as Kirk pressed into him. “Oh I…erm…oh, erm….what is line?”

“Do you feel like I’m splitting you open?”

“Oh da! I mean, yes it feels like you’re splitting me open. Oh yes, fuck me.”

Kirk thrusted, gripping Pavel’s hips and taking a moment to rest his forehead on the boy’s shoulder. “Oh, you’re mine, baby. All mine. You……oh God, yeah.”

Pavel could feel the Captain’s thrusts becoming more erratic and reached down to palm his own cock loosely. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

“Oh…Pavel, I’m supposed to..in the movie I…”

“Yes, yes, is okay.” Pavel remembered and fisted himself harder as the Captain’s breaths became more urgent. “Do it, do it.”

Kirk suddenly held his breath and pulled out, taking off the condom and splashing come over Pavel’s back. “Oh God! Oh….Oh...” He gasped for air as Pavel looked over his shoulder desperately.

“Please, please…the line, or I can’t…I can’t come without the line.”

“Oh…erm…I’ve marked you bitch, you belong to me now.”

“Oh!” Pavel groaned and came over his hand as he collapsed forward onto the bed. “Thank you, Captain. Well remembered.”

Kirk stifled a laugh and gently pulled Pavel to his feet. “Come on, number one fan. Time for the shower scene.”

Pavel gave a high pitched giggle as a broad grin painted itself across his face. “Yes Captain, but who will play the vengeful prison guard?”

“Hmm.” Kirk shoved Pavel gently towards the bathroom and pressed the comm.. “McCoy to the Captain’s quarters. Repeat, CMO to the Captain’s quarters immediately.”

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