December 14th 2017
Luke instantly regretted what he had just done, but the tacky miniature Christmas tree was in his hand now. It was paid for with stolen money and the gas station was relieved to have gotten rid of their last one. He didn't think he could bring himself to throw it in the trash, so he slid into the passenger seat and tried not to look at Sylar.
It didn't work. It never did.
"What the hell is that?"
Luke met Sylar's angry eyes and set his jaw. "It's a Christmas Tree. It's almost Christmas."

To Luke's surprise Sylar just sighed and started the car. "What is it with you and Christmas? We don't even have anywhere to put it."

"I know. Never stop long enough. Always on the run." He reached across despite his better judgement and used his one Get Away With A Telling Off card for the week to squeeze Sylar's leg. "Doesn't mean we don't have to make the effort."

A grunt from Sylar told him that the conversation was done, and that Luke could have what he wanted. Luke gave a smirk. A tiny victory for sentimentality, but a victory none the less.
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( Apr. 8th, 2009 05:36 pm)
Word Count : 757
Summary : Little Gabriel gets a fairy tale from his Dad, from a prompt on [ profile] comment_fic 
Notes: I normally post comment fics in batches but I just wrote this and I likes, so have at it flist, this is just for you
Ratting : G and Gen (Needless to say this is not Baby!Gabriel and Samson slash! If you're looking for that then...whoah.


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( Feb. 20th, 2009 02:31 pm)
Word count : 572
Genre : Angst
Pairing : Luke / Sylar
Disclaimer : I do not own these characters
Rating : G
Spoilers : Up to 3-16


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( Dec. 29th, 2008 11:39 am)
Title : Toothache
Word count : 681
Rating : G
Notes : for [ profile] brandinsbabe who is suffering from the devil's toothache and [ profile] mission_insane  prompt "Massage".


Mohinder clicked the front door shut behind him as quietly as he could. )
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( Dec. 28th, 2008 09:58 pm)
Title : Resolve
Word count : 3332
Rating : G
Notes : For the [ profile] mylar_fic  holiday contest prompt "New Year's Resolution" and [ profile] mission_insane  "Hope"


Mohinder staggered into the loft... )

Banner images of Sylar and Mohinder by

[ profile] brandinsbabe  and [ profile] letsey_x 


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( Dec. 20th, 2008 01:02 pm)
Title : Snowman
Word Count : 166
Rating : G

Mohinder panted, his back aching from bending over to roll the snowball into something vaguely head-sized.


“Need some help there?” Gabriel smirked, watching Mohinder’s exertion.


“No thankyou, some of us want to get into the spirit of things, not just cheat.” Mohinder heaved the head onto his snowman and concentrated on placing the carrot nose and stone eyes onto his creation. He added buttons and arms from sticks and stood back to admire it. “There! Pretty good I think you’ll agr….”


Mohinder gasped at what Gabriel stood next to. It was a kneeling life-size figure of Mohinder, perfect in its detail and intricately picked out with even individual curls and eyelashes. “How did you….?”


Gabriel flushed. “I get wonderful inspiration.”


Mohinder shook his head in awe. “Not that it isn’t perfect, but….do you think you could put some clothes on me? We do have neighbours to think of.”


Gabriel rolled his eyes and started to re-mould. “How come it’s okay for your snowman to be naked?”

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( Dec. 19th, 2008 11:22 am)
Title : Bear
Word Count :394
Rating : G


Looking at the clock Mohinder noticed it was past midnight. )
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( Dec. 16th, 2008 09:38 pm)
Title : Bell
Word Count : 551
Rating : G


It was the smell of the room that hit him first )

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( Dec. 15th, 2008 06:50 pm)
Title : Defy This Love
Word Count : 962
Rating : G
Notes: For [ profile] piping_hot  who gave the song prompt 'Defy This Love' by Shannon Wright and [ profile] mission_insane  Song table : ibid.

When Mohinder felt too far away from him, Sylar always came back here )


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( Dec. 15th, 2008 06:32 pm)
Title : Angel
Word Count : 463
Rating : G


Two wide brown eyes met Gabriel's gaze steadily )
Title : One More For The Road
Word Count : 2122
Rating : G
Notes: For the Christmas Wishlist of our dear [ profile] perdiccas  and the [ profile] mission_insane  prompt Songs : ("One More Cup Of Coffee by Bob Dylan"



Left, back, forward. Left, back, right. )

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( Dec. 13th, 2008 12:14 pm)
Title : Heart
Word Count : 105
Rating : G
Notes : This is a 'deleted scene' if you like from the Christmas Wishlist fic that I'm writing for [ profile] perdiccas 

Mohinder paused as they approached the car. The condensation on the passenger window had dried, leaving just the traces of what had been drawn on the wetness a few hours ago. It was a heart, and inside the letters M and Z. The Z looked more like a backwards S, but what else could it be?


Mohinder sat in the driver’s seat and looked at the window from the inside while Zane rubbed his hands against the cold. From this angle, from where Zane would have been able to scrawl on the window from inside the car,  it looked like the letters S and M.

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( Dec. 12th, 2008 12:02 pm)
Title : Lantern
Word Count : 353
Rating : G

“Please don’t go.”

“Mohinder I have to, or we won’t eat for a week. I’ll be fine.” Gabriel shrugged on his coat and shoved a flashlight into his bag.

“I just have a bad feeling about it, can’t you just wait until…”

“Mohinder!” Gabriel gripped his lover’s shoulders and smiled at him kindly. “Stop worrying, I’ll be back by morning, leave the light on for me. Same as always. And I’ll be back, same as always.”

As they parted,Gabriel tried not to notice when Mohinder gripped him extra tight, and held him for a fraction longer than he usually did. “I love you”, Mohinder said sadly, holding on to Gabriel’s lapels as if that would make him change his mind.

“I love you too. Don’t forget, leave the light on for me.” And then he was gone.

When dark fell, Mohinder went to the porch of the cabin and lit the old lantern which hung in the centre. They had been on the run for three years and eight months. Every day Mohinder prayed that they would give up. He rubbed the scar tissue on his arm which reminded him that even after a year they hadn’t. He looked at the missing tip of his finger which reminded him that after two years and four months they hadn’t. They had to eat, which meant Gabriel had to break cover once a month. Every month he left, and Mohinder lit the lantern. Every month so far he had come back, but this time felt different.

Mohinder went back inside and curled up on the sofa. He would sleep here tonight, he wanted to see Gabriel the second he returned. Even the time it took to get from the door to the bedroom was too long to wait.



Mohinder opened the glass panel of the lantern and lit the tealight. He took one last glance into the dark, impenetrable forest which surrounded the cabin. It had been twelve years, but he would continue to light the lantern. When his Gabriel came back, he wanted him to be able to find his way in the dark.

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( Dec. 11th, 2008 10:34 pm)
Title : Drum
Word Count : 84
Rating : G

Dear Santa

This year I have been a very good good  kind of good boy, so here is my Christmas list.

1. Ability to fly

2. Ability to block powers

3. Mind reading

4. Time Travel

(Note : Actually, I'll just get these myself....)

5. Mohinder Suresh (WITHOUT SCALES) Whatever, I'm open minded.

6. A DRUM SET! (BTW I have been asking for this since I was six. My mother always said 'over my dead body'. I took care of that, so bring it

Yours faithfully


Gabriel Gray

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( Dec. 10th, 2008 09:22 pm)
Title : Holly
Word Count : 93
Rating : G

The assembled agents knew what they were risking to continue their giggles but it was just too funny…

“You’re doing this on purpose Bennett.”

“I assure you Agent Gray I am NOT. The code names are themed and randomly assigned. Everyone is named after a tree this year.”

“It isn’t even a tree, it’s a bush!”

“Check your encyclopaedia Gray, it’s a tree, now stop whining.”

Gabriel turned to Mohinder urgently. “Switch with me and I’ll do anything you want.”

Mohinder smiled “Tempting, but no. I’m afraid you’re stuck with it, Agent Holly.”

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( Dec. 9th, 2008 09:53 pm)
Title : Mushroom
Word Count : 308
Rating : G

Bennett shook is head as he lifted the soaked rag from Mohinder’s head. “He’s still burning up, are you sure he’ll just ride it out?”

Typically calm, Gabriel ignored him, timing Mohinder’s pulse rate. They had finally found him miles from the internment camp, he must have been completely unaware that a rescue mission had been mounted. Why else would  he be so foolhardy as to effect his own escape? When they had found him he had been semi-conscious, dehydrated and talking gibberish. Gabriel had guessed he’d been eating mushrooms. Clearly not the right ones.

“He’s starting to cool down now.” Bennett conceded. “I’ll be outside trying to get us the hell out of here.” He swept through the flaps of the tent, leaving Gabriel to rinse out the cloth and place it back on Mohinder’s forehead.

Suddenly, Mohinder sat bolt upright, his pupils blown. “Thank goodness you’re here mama, Oh thank you.” He clung to a shocked Gabriel and started chattering in what he assumed was Tamil, kissing him over and over on the cheek.

“Mohinder, you’re hallucinating again, please calm down!” Gabriel was starting to lose his sense of humour. The first time Mohinder had become even slightly lucid he had attacked Gabriel, thinking him to be a jungle cat. The second time he thought he was looking into a mirror and had gasped “Oh my God, I’m white!”. The least said about the Angelina Jolie incident the better…

Bennett popped his head back into the tent. “Now what?”

“He appears to think I’m his mother now.”

“Then you’d better hope he knows he’s in his 30s and doesn’t try breastfeeding.”

Gabriel sighed heavily. The come down would take three hours. It had been 45 minutes. “Mohinder you’d better appreciate this when you come to.”

Snuggling his shoulder, Mohinder fell asleep. “I love you too mama.”


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( Dec. 4th, 2008 09:47 pm)
Title : Undercover (Part Two)
Word Count : 2517
Rating : PG for some naughtiness
Disclaimer : These characters are not mine
A/n : For the prompt 'undercover as a couple by [ profile] darkqueenakasha  and cliche table at [ profile] mission_insane 


Mohinder blinked himself awake and for a moment thought he'd gone blind )

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( Dec. 4th, 2008 09:07 pm)
Title : Star
Word Count : 227
Rating : G


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( Dec. 2nd, 2008 01:32 am)
Title : Poinsettia
Word Count : 243
Rating : Gen


Mohinder jumped as he heard a knock at the door. )




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