“Are you sure no-one can see us up here?” Gabriel squinted in the moonlight as he tried to look into the top floor windows of the surrounding apartment blocks.


“Relax, no-one will see is, and we’re not even doing anything anyway, just sitting…” Peter spread the thick blanket in the corner of the building’s roof, smirking at his brother who was twisting his hands together nevously.


“That’s how it started last time.” Gabriel smiled at him, sighing and settling down on the blanket, tutting at the half-assed job Peter had done at smoothing out the creases. He fit himself into the corner and pulled Peter between his legs and flush against him. He breathed into Peter’s neck and smiled as he shivered. “It’s so clear tonight, it’s beautiful.”


“You’re beautiful,” Peter grinned mischievously, as his brother stroked his chest lovingly. “I’ve missed us being alone like this.” Peter undid his belt, trying to arch up and get his pants off from his position on the ground.


“Peter what are you doing?” Gabriel grabbed his hands to stop him but Peter jumped up, turning to him and pushing his pants and boxers down in one movement and putting his hands on his hips.


“Check me out, all naked on the roof of the building, hey, I wonder if anyone can see me?” He turned  again, this time with his back to Gabriel. “Hey New York, check out what I got!”


“Peter!!” Gabriel was half horrified and half laughing as he pulled his brother by the hand back down to their blanket. Peter ended up on his knees, pants still round his ankles with his cock nudging against his brother’s chest leaving silvery traces of pre-cum on his sweater which shined in the moonlight. Gabriel pulled his top off, dragging his brother towards him and taking his cock in his hand, stroking firmly and eating up all of Peter’s pretty little moans as he kissed him.


“Faster, please Gabe.” Peter’s head was thrown back dramatically as he panted and tiny beads of sweat started to form on his head despite the cold night air. Gabriel went faster, hardening at his brother’s look of bliss. He didn’t even shush Peter’s loud moans but let them ring in his ears as he came over his hand and chest. Peter started to shiver immediately and Gabriel pulled the edges of the blanket around them, cocooning them inside.


“So, I was supposed to show you the different constellations, that was the plan wasn’t it.” Gabriel smiled contentedly as Peter placed soft kisses over his cheeks.


“Well, mission accomplished Gabe, you really did make me see stars.” Peter grinned at his own joke. While Gabriel  laughed and blushed, pulling his brother closer.


“God Peter that was so lame.”



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