Word Count : 1951
Pairing : Kirk/Chekov/McCoy
Rating : NC17
Fandom : Star Trek XI
Disclaimers : Chekov is 17, which may be illegal in your country. I don't own Star Trek, or the characters of Kirk, Chekov and McCoy
Summary : Chekov, having realised that his Captain is his favourite gay porn star Ricky Rocket, is helping him to re-enact his move Cellblock Sluts. Only problem is, they need someone to play the prison guard....
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Sequel to : The Return of Ricky Rocket

Bones stalked down the hallways with a look which sent a few lower ranking crew members scuttling. He had been off shift for five minutes when Jim's voice had echoed through the mess hall. Usually Bones would have given himself a few moments grace to finish his pudding before attending to whatever twisted need Kirk had developed, but when he used the code CMO instead of simply Dr McCoy, he knew it was urgent. Sulu had been happy enough to take the pudding off him. He'd remember that.
He turned smartly into the corridor which housed Jim's quarters and pulled back the door ready for an emergency. "Jim this better be good I had a tasty-looking unreplicated -- Jesus H. Christ, what are you doing?" He quickly pulled the door behind him, flattening himself against it as he took in the sight before him. Jim was naked as the day he was born and bent over a trunk, giving Bones a view he normally only had during a colonoscopy.
"Ah, Bones! You're here!" Jim turned around, placing his hands on his hips and rolling his eyes when he saw his friend shielding his. "Come on, nothing you haven't seen before. Now listen, I have an important job for you. I need you to put on this costume and come into the bathroom in five minutes."
Bones glanced at the blue cotton shirt with a clip-on tie and a peaked hat which looked like something a security guard might wear. Or a prison gu - "No! Not this again, Jim. Now you listen to me. I came here to administer medical help, not play games with a punk ass time-waster!"
"No, no, no doctor."
Ensign Chekov strolled out of the bathroom wearing only a tiny white towel, his skin flushed a little more pink than normal. "Is not the right line, that line is from Nympho Nurse 2. We are doing Cellblock Sluts."
"What the Sam Hill is he doing here?" Bones' face reddened as Kirk shrugged, looking a little too pleased with himself.
"He's the new cellmate, I'm Ricky Rocket. And that would make you the mean old prison guard who gets to have his way with us..." He raised his eyebrows, noting the speed at which Bones wasn't leaving. "Unless of course you'd rather go back to your quarters and think about how much fun we're having down here without you."
Bones looked from Kirk to Chekov and back before roughly pulling off his shirt. "Oh hell, fine, if it'll shut you up." He tossed his shirt on the floor and started pulling on his 'costume'. "And he is underage. I hope you know how perverted that is."
"Me perverted? You should hear some of the things he used to make me do on BoyToyz Live!" Jim smirked at Chekov who coloured and stared at the floor.
"Was a very hormonal time for me, Captain. I used to - "
"Quiet you, I don't wanna hear it." Bones straightened his hat. "Now...who's going to feed me a line so we can get on with this nonsense?"
Chekov grinned, bounding into the bathroom. "I will be waiting, don't leave me so long my skin goes wrinkly."
When the shower started, Kirk smiled and wandered towards the door. "Guess I'll just go take a shower now then...Hope no guards are around so I can have another shot at the new boy." He winked at Bones, adding "Count to five, then come in."
Bones rolled his eyes and started to count in his head. 1....2....3....4...5. "Coming ready or not," he murmured. He walked into the bathroom and almost let his knees go from under him as he saw the previously innocent Ensign Chekov sprawled up against the shower cubicle wall moaning like a whore as his Captain pounded into him. "Well now, what have we here?" he managed with only a slight tremour in his voice. "Ricky Rocket, I should have known."
Kirk grinned, oh yes. This would do nicely. "Screw you, pig."
"No Ricky," Bones shook his head at the terrible dialogue. "I think it's going to be the other way around." He flung off his hat and started to undress the rest of the way while Chekov moaned and begged.
"Please, help me! Ricky is fucking me so hard!"
"Don't you worry son, I'll give him a taste of his own medicine."
Chekov smiled, nodding. "Nice adlib Dr McCoy."
Bones stepped into the crowded shower cubicle, grabbing Jim by his hips. "Leave him alone, Ricky. Get on your damn knees or I'll have you in solitary getting your ass busted every night for a month." He was a little embarrassed to be saying all this in front of Chekov but by the look on the kid's face he was having the time of his life.
"Fuck you, narc. You'll have to force me." Jim spat as he pulled out of Chekov roughly and spun round to meet Bones.
Bones looked shifty. "Jim..I'm meant to..."
"I don't know any Jim, if you want to fuck me you'll have to force me!" Kirk said, nodding vigorously.
Bones looked over at Chekov who was also nodding so fast it was a wonder his head didn't fall off. With a sigh, Bones pushed Kirk against the cublicle wall and kicked his legs apart, gripping his throat as loosely as he thought he could without Chekov chipping in with his 'notes'.
"Argh! No, please!" Jim said with pleading eyes.
"You're gonna get what's coming to you this time Ricky. Or should I say, what's coming IN you!" He thrust into Kirk roughly and the Captain cried out as Bones tried not to notice that Chekov had silently mouthed that last line with him.
The Ensign started stroking himself, staring at the sight before him. Bones watched, more than a little turned on as the young man's cock started to grow harder. "How does it feel to be on the receiving Ricky?" Bones deadpanned as he fucked him steadily.
"God damn you, it feels so good." Kirk panted as he stuck his ass out a little further.
All three of them knew what was coming next. Bones started to card his fingers through Kirk's drenched hair and looked at Chekov. "Ready?" he whispered.
Chekov nodded, panting and Bones pulled Kirk off the wall and bent him over. "Let's see how you like to be marked, Ricky." Chekov held Kirk's hair and jerked rapidly until he came, splashing onto Kirk's face.
Bones was suddenly taken with how gorgeous Chekov looked with his head hung back and eyes screwed shut as he palmed himself through the aftershocks of his orgasm. Sure Kirk was cute when he was being well fucked and covered in come but it wasn't like Bones hadn't seen that before. A thousand times. He groaned as he came with a few more lazy thrusts and pulled out. God he hoped he could get it up for the next part. He swallowed a few times, gasping at the air and making his own head swim. "Ahem, so new boy. You still wanna belong to this little bitch here? Or do you wanna feel what it's like to be fucked by a real man?"
Chekov's face lit up and Bones wondered whether he'd thought it wouldn't go this far. "Oh yes, Sir. Show me, please!"
He added the 'please' himself, Bones mused as he pushed Jim's shoulder down "Get on your knees, Ricky. I've gotta show the kid how it's done."
Kirk giggled as he started to lick at Chekov's quickly rejuvenated length while Bones stroked a hand up the boy's spine as he bent over. As the Ensign braced himself on the cublicle wall Bones leaned in to whisper to him. "Are you sure about this son?"
"Oh yes, yes Sir, please!" Chekov shuffled to open his legs wider.
Bones glanced around and saw the lube which one of these filthy boys had thought to bring into the shower with them. He squeezed it onto his fingers, opening Chekov up with his thumb first before replacing it with two fingers together and hardening at the wonderful moan which escaped the boy's lips. "Glad to see Ricky hasn't fucked you hollow yet, you ain't had nothing like this inside you before." Bones kind of wished they could dispense with the terrible dialogue at this point, but that might make them all remember that they were the Captain, the CMO and the Ensign. He lined up his cock with Chekov's opening and pushed inside in one movement, echoing his moans. He reached round to run his hand through Jim's hair, making sure he was sucking Chekov like he was supposed to. "My God son, you're so tight. Ricky must be hung like a fruitfly."
"Mmm nnnhh hnn" Kirk protested as he carried on sucking.
"Sorry Captain, that is the line!" Chekov whispered as he set his jaw. "Mm, oh yes Sir, he is nothing compared to you, oh please Sir, harder. Make me feel it."
Bones started to thrust slower and deeper, seeking out Chekov's prostate. He was beginning to think he'd lost his touch when Chekov shuddered and Jim hummed, swallowing.
"Mm, hey there was no need for that fruitfly line, I asked them to take it out at the time!"
"Shut up and start touching yourself before the fanboy here gets annoyed." Bones felt himself start to come undone and gripped Chekov's hip for all he was worth, thrusting a few last times before he cried out and slumped, stars dancing in the periphery of his vision. He pulled out slowly, trying not to fall on his ass. Seeing Chekov's blissed out expression while Jim was sucking him propelled him forward until he found himself kissing the Ensign deeply and simultaneously stroking Jim's hair. He might not have signed on for this this morning but he was damn sure gonna make the most of it now. He nuzzled Chekov's neck unashamedly, wanting to see that sweet, innocent little face with a orgasm. He didn't have long to wait as Chekov sighed and let his head fall back. "Oh...oh my." His eyes sprang open. "Doctor, you kissed me! That was not in the script!"
"Oh it wasn't?" Bones asked innocently,smoothing a hand through his hair. "I could have sworn it was. Sorry Ensign."
"No, it was nice, I enjoyed it." The boy practically swooned over him, boldly holding him close and linking his arms round the doctor's neck.
"Well, you're welcome, I...mmm."
Chekov claimed his lips, deepening their kiss as the shower started to run cold over them.
"Hey! Anyone forget about the star of the show?" Kirk tapped Bones on the shoulder. "Bones! Pavel! Hey come on!"
Reluctantly Chekov disengaged himself. "The doctor kissed me, Captain!"
"And I sucked you like a pro, where's my parade?" Kirk grabbed a towel and stormed off into the other room as smooching sounds started to resonate round the cubicle again. "Damn amateurs, wouldn't know a star if one pulled them out of orbit!" He started to dry off roughly just as Bones and Chekov came wandering out.
"Er, Jim, Pavel has something he wants to say....." Bones cleared his throat, looking anywhere but at his friend.
Chekov smiled, bouncing on his heels. "I was thinking Captain that since we have a genuine medical officer, that the next time we might try Nympho Nurse 2, in my opinion a rare occurrence of the sequel outdoing its pre-decessor."
Kirk forgot to be angry, flipping open the lid to his trunk once more. "Well we just might have a nurses outfit in your size Ensign, seems like it's your lucky day!"
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