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#1 Sylar and Luke visit the Grand Canyon - Fluff

#2 Sylar and Luke leave each other anonymous presents -Fluff

#3 Luke is embarrassed when Sylar wants to see his skin - Flangst

#4 Luke and Sylar discuss what their song might be - Fluff

#1 Sylar is the coach, Luke is the athlete NC17

#2 "Games"

Both are rated NC17


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#1 Mohinder and Sylar ask Elle to carry their baby - crack - PG - requested by [livejournal.com profile] ladywilde80 

#2 Mohinder is a merman and Sylar is a ship's captain - crack - PG- requested by [livejournal.com profile] megmatthews20 


Prompt : Peter/Nathan Crack  "Do you have PMT or something?"
Rating : M

Prompt : Peter/Nathan Bittersweet
Rating : M

Prompt : Peter/Nathan "Angels Would Fall" by Melissa Etheridge
Rating : NC17
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Luke was ADHD personified. Sylar had managed to stop him tapping on the dashboard by threatening to slice off his fingers. He had managed to stop him using his power for amusement by threatening to leave his ass behind again. The problem was, he had no medication, and so his condition had to manifest. It just had to be directed properly.


This was a compromise. Two days ago they had been at the Sunny Side Diner when Sylar began to get irritated by the tap tap tap of Luke’s fingertips on the vinyl covered booth seat.


“Can you keep your damn fingers still for one minute? I swear to God I’m going to slice them off like I promised. One by one.”


Luke averted his eyes from Sylar’s murderous look and tried to find something soft to tap on, something that wouldn’t make a noise. He tapped on his leg, the denim soaking up the sound, but obviously not enough for Sylar’s liking. He growled into his ear menacingly, “I won’t tell you again, now stop it or I will fucking kill you you irritating little bastard.”


Luke’s shoulders dropped. “It’s not my fault, I can’t control it without my Ritalin, I’m trying, okay? I can’t stop it just like that just like you can’t stop…killing people!” He whispered the last part and his lip wobbled as the frustration built inside him.


Sighing, Sylar tried to think of a solution. He shrugged off his jacket and placed it over his lap, unzipping his fly. Then he took Luke’s hand and slipped it inside his pants, letting it settle on his crotch. “If you can’t keep it still at least do something useful.”


Luke smiled and started eating his pie with his right hand while his left let soft fingers dance over Sylar’s erection. After a while his brain forgot what his left hand was doing and Luke drifted off whilst eating, looking out of the diner window and wondering what the bird was he could see in the tree over there. He was just debating whether it was a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher or a Peewee when he felt warm wetness on his hand and turned to see Sylar’s face reddening. “Oh, er…sorry I didn’t..”


“S’fine.” Sylar coughed. “Can you go into my wallet and leave some money, I need to…use the restroom.” He jumped up, holding the jacket to his crotch and walking in a strange manner to the restrooms at the back of the diner. Luke cleaned his hand off on a napkin and left a twenty on the table, smiling to himself. He had a feeling that Sylar wouldn’t be complaining about his restless hands any more.

“Sylar you’re wasting your time, and MY time, so just shut up and kiss me.”


Zachary glanced at his water bottle as he was pinned against the wall of his trailer, wondering what the hell he’d been slipped. There had been only one other occasion when he had committed a sexual faux pas with his very straight, very married co-star. Sendhil had been so understanding about the drunken pass that he’d made only weeks after they first met, so why was he in his trailer right now, in costume, in character, trying to kiss him and calling him –


“Sylar! We don’t have time for games, there’s a doppelganger out there and I think the Company sent him, so let’s just have the reunion we said we’d have and then get out there and stop it.” Mohinder went straight for Sylar’s belt, panting heavily while his aching cock rubbed inside his pants.


“Sendhil, please, I don’t….I don’t think…..oh God….” Zach’s eyes rolled back in his head as Mohinder started to jerk him. “Oh God, Sendhil, you don’t want this…What’s…hmmm, what’s with the lab coat, what is this?”


Mohinder started to grind against Sylar’s leg, desperate for any friction, wanting to get off fast so he could have a clear head when they teamed up to stop this doppelganger. “What, you don’t like the coat? You’re weirded out?” Mohinder couldn’t place it but there was definitely something wrong with Sylar today. More wrong than usual.


“Well, I’m more turned on than anything else but….oh!...oh…..mmmm, why? Why now? Oh Sendhil….” He held the man tight, kissing his cheeks breathlessly. His eyes were glazed with the promise of orgasm but he came to his sense when through a gap in the curtains he saw Sendhil talking to one of the crew. He pushed the man away, letting his eyes bounce between him and Sendhil who he half wished would go away so he could deny he was going crazy. “What the…what the fuck! Who are you?!”


Mohinder looked confused, wondering if Sylar had suffered some kind of amnesia. “It’s me Sylar! It’s Mohinder, are you alright?”


“Mo…Mohinder? What the hell is going on here?”


The man sighed, hands on his hips. “Well I had planned on wanking you off and then trying to convince you to suck my cock but if you’d rather lose your marbles?”


Zachary looked at the facts, the beautiful man standing in front of him who didn’t have a wife or kids he had to feel guilty about, the man who wanted to make him come and then get his dick wet. He shrugged, dropping his pants and pulling ‘Mohinder’ back to him “What the hell, it’s my birthday soon.”

“Are you sure no-one can see us up here?” Gabriel squinted in the moonlight as he tried to look into the top floor windows of the surrounding apartment blocks.


“Relax, no-one will see is, and we’re not even doing anything anyway, just sitting…” Peter spread the thick blanket in the corner of the building’s roof, smirking at his brother who was twisting his hands together nevously.


“That’s how it started last time.” Gabriel smiled at him, sighing and settling down on the blanket, tutting at the half-assed job Peter had done at smoothing out the creases. He fit himself into the corner and pulled Peter between his legs and flush against him. He breathed into Peter’s neck and smiled as he shivered. “It’s so clear tonight, it’s beautiful.”


“You’re beautiful,” Peter grinned mischievously, as his brother stroked his chest lovingly. “I’ve missed us being alone like this.” Peter undid his belt, trying to arch up and get his pants off from his position on the ground.


“Peter what are you doing?” Gabriel grabbed his hands to stop him but Peter jumped up, turning to him and pushing his pants and boxers down in one movement and putting his hands on his hips.


“Check me out, all naked on the roof of the building, hey, I wonder if anyone can see me?” He turned  again, this time with his back to Gabriel. “Hey New York, check out what I got!”


“Peter!!” Gabriel was half horrified and half laughing as he pulled his brother by the hand back down to their blanket. Peter ended up on his knees, pants still round his ankles with his cock nudging against his brother’s chest leaving silvery traces of pre-cum on his sweater which shined in the moonlight. Gabriel pulled his top off, dragging his brother towards him and taking his cock in his hand, stroking firmly and eating up all of Peter’s pretty little moans as he kissed him.


“Faster, please Gabe.” Peter’s head was thrown back dramatically as he panted and tiny beads of sweat started to form on his head despite the cold night air. Gabriel went faster, hardening at his brother’s look of bliss. He didn’t even shush Peter’s loud moans but let them ring in his ears as he came over his hand and chest. Peter started to shiver immediately and Gabriel pulled the edges of the blanket around them, cocooning them inside.


“So, I was supposed to show you the different constellations, that was the plan wasn’t it.” Gabriel smiled contentedly as Peter placed soft kisses over his cheeks.


“Well, mission accomplished Gabe, you really did make me see stars.” Peter grinned at his own joke. While Gabriel  laughed and blushed, pulling his brother closer.


“God Peter that was so lame.”

“It’s not what I expected…” Dean circled his doppelganger, clenching and unclenching his fists as the other man smirked with that punchable demeanour that he knew he had.

“Oh come on Dean, I can read your mind! What, did you think it was gonna be a woman? Jo maybe? Ellen?” He paused raising his eyebrows and fingering the pendant round his neck. “Sammy?”

Dean was on the shapeshifter like a shot, straddling him and punching wildly as the creature flailed beneath him. “Don’t talk about my brother you sick fuck! You don’t get to say his name!” He panted as the adrenaline pumped through him, staring at his own messed up face like he had so many times after a hunt.

The doppelganger laughed, his face morphing back, erasing a split lip and a swollen cheekbone. “You should have known.” He pushed back on Dean’s chest with unnatural strength, sending him flying onto his back. He stood, looming over Dean and flipping him onto his stomach.

Dean’s vision swam as he tried to right himself. The shapeshifter was on top of him, holding him down easily and yanking at his jeans. “No…no!” Dean struggled as the other man leaned into his ear, repeating the words he’d used on so many pickups.

“Shh, I’ll be gentle with you sweetie, just relax.” The shapeshifter licked at his neck lazily as he ripped off his clothes and pressed his hardening cock against the crack of Dean’s ass.

Dean breathed, the effort of trying to move exhausting him. He heard the creature spit and tensed as he felt a thick finger enter him. “Oh….” he moaned, unable to deny the ripple of pleasure that ran through him. It had been so long since he had let anyone do this.

“I know, so long.” The shapeshifter pushed into Dean in one swift movement, pulling his hips up as he did so and fucking him fast as he moaned and spazmed beneath him. “Tell me you want it, tell me bitch.” He growled.

“Oh, I want it, okay, I want it, fuck me!” Dean pushed back onto the shapeshifter’s cock, wishing he could watch himself be taken like this. He heard the familiar sounds of his own climax as he was flooded and came hard, giving a final guttural moan.

“Yeah. Oh man…” the shapeshifter’s hollow recording of Dean’s post-orgasm ramblings made the man wince. He pulled out quickly, enjoying the image of Dean spread eagled on the stone floor. “You must have known Dean. You must have known that only man who could fuck Dean Winchester would be Dean Winchester.”
#1 BTVS/SPN : Giles/John Winchester : Nesting
#2 Heroes : Luke/Lyle : Help


Pairing : Sylar/Mohinder/Gabriel



It took a lot to render Sylar speechless, but this, yes, this would just about do it. He had assumed the ability of Joy Watson would create an image, like a projection, but here was a living, breathing, trembling doppelganger. He inclined his head quizzically, running his eyes over Gabriel’s body.


“Do you talk?” he asked, reducing the space between them.


“Yes.” Gabriel answered, watching Sylar with interest.


Sylar put a hand to Gabriel’s cheek, stroking it and half expecting his hand to drift right through. “I’d forgotten how pretty you were.” He brushed his cheek against Gabriel’s breathing in the familiar scent of the plain soap he had scrubbed himself with every day. “Take off your glasses.” He ordered.


As Gabriel did so, he closed his eyes. “Don’t hurt me. I know you want to but please don’t.”


“I do want to,” Sylar growled. “Look at you, so weak and pathetic!” He gripped Gabriel by the hair. “Get on your knees where you belong.”


Gabriel sank to his knees and started to hyperventilate as he saw his more aggressive self unzip his pants and take out his cock, pumping it fast. “I don’t know how…” Gabriel began to protest but was silenced when Sylar forced his cock into his mouth, fucking his face with his hand still twisted in his hair.


Sylar knew he wouldn’t last as he watched his former self suck him, trying to cope with the onslaught on his virgin lips. “We’re going to have so much fun together Gabriel, you just have to learn that I’m in charge.” He pulled out and came over Gabriel’s mouth and chin, milking every last drop from himself as the watchmaker gasped and coughed. “You know I always wanted a brother, and now I have something even better.” He turned away, zipping up his fly. “Clean yourself up, “ he barked. “We’re going to pay a visit to Mohinder….”



“Hello Mohinder.”


“Hello Mohinder.”


“Oh fuck.”


Suresh backed up, ready to pounce, but at which one? He looked at the one with the glasses, but he recognised the look in those black eyes and leapt at the other man, gripping him with one hand on his head and one arm spanning his chest. “Back off or I’ll snap the neck on your new toy.”


Sylar smiled, flinging off the glasses. “You couldn’t hurt him Mohinder, he’s so innocent. He’s never even been touched. Besides, we didn’t come here for a fight.”


Mohinder pushed Gabriel away from him but the man ducked back, hiding behind him, gripping him like a saviour. “Please, you have to protect me from him, he’s crazy.”


“That’s right Mohinder, get between us or I might hurt him.” Sylar pressed himself against him, grinning as the doctor reached behind to hold Gabriel. “I knew you’d get it.” Sylar whispered in his ear, licking gently at his earlobe.


Mohinder moaned, grinding against Sylar. “Who’s first then?”


In answer Sylar spin him round to face Gabriel. “Kiss him nice and slow.”


Mohinder complied, taking Gabriel into his arms and opening up his mouth with gentle kisses until he was able to sweep in his tongue. He moaned into Gabriel’s lips as he felt Sylar undo his pants from behind him and take his cock in hand. Sylar pumped steadily, leaving warm breaths at the back of Mohinder’s neck.


Gabriel opened his eyes momentarily. Their clothes swap meant he was looking at the image of himself, wantonly nuzzling the doctor’s neck. He heard Mohinder’s breathing hitch as he approached his climax and kissed him harder, reaching between their bodies to add his hand to Suresh’s cock.


Mohinder came, moaning and grabbing at Gabriel’s hair. He let his head rest on the man’s shoulder as he heard Sylar’s satisfied hums from behind him.


“Oh Mohinder,” Sylar chuckled, “the three of us are going to have so much fun together.”


Pairing : Firefly : Mal/Simon

There was an old Earth-That-Was saying, Simon recalled from his ancient lit classes. Something like ‘taking the rough with the smooth’. He knew his friends would roll their eyes when they saw his latest client but he didn’t care. As soon as he’d seen the man on the cortex he’d known the type. First time applicant, working stock, probably shot a few men but would be gentle and loving despite his rough edges. When Simon had made the engagement, he had even known what to wear.


He looked at himself in the mirror, the blue silk made him look austere and unattainable to a man like Malcolm Reynolds. Maybe he would like that, the idea of something technically unavailable to him being so very very available tonight, open and pliant, ready to fulfil his every desire with no questions asked. He heard the discreet ding of the bell which meant that Mr – sorry, Captain Reynolds had arrived. He stood by the bed, checking that the tea set was correctly placed, more out of convention that necessity. He knew there would be no tea ceremony today but he didn’t want the client to feel that he wasn’t worth the effort.


Simon felt a warmth spreading across his stomach as Malcom Reynolds entered. On the cortex he had looked handsome, but it was his physicality, his height, those broad shoulders and thighs. So refreshing after a week of slender mother’s boys who hadn’t done a day’s toil in their lives. He smiled warmly and approached his client, the blue silk shirt shushing gently as he moved.


“Captain Reynolds, welcome.”


The man nodded, clearly uncomfortable. There was the scent of Dutch courage on his breath and past his confidence his eyes gave him away as nervous. Simon took Malcolm’s hand and placed it on his hip, looking up at him with wide eyes. If he showed vulnerability, Reynolds would instinctively take charge. He’d had his type before.


Sure enough, the Captain pulled Simon to him, kissing him deeply and letting his calloused hands scrape across the silk he was wearing. He deftly unfastened every mother of pearl button before taking down Simon’s pants and pushing him towards the large bed. Simon allowed himself to be propelled along, every thought leaving his head until he caught Malcolm’s gaze and realised they were both naked, and panting, and that Mal was waiting for something.


Simon pulled the man closer, opening his legs and pressing a firm hand to Mal’s ass, spurring him on. Moments later he was being rocked gently, Mal stretching him, pressing further inside and kissing his collarbone as he fucked him.


“You’re so beautiful, thankyou, thankyou.” Mal was muttering into Simon’s ear as he slowed his pace, stroking him firmly and kissing, licking, sighing.


Simon smiled as he revelled in the worshipful lovemaking. This was why, unbeknownst to him, Malcolm Reynolds got a 90% discount.


Pairing : Noah/Nathan


Nathan stared at the ringing cellphone, too tired to even lean forward to see the caller ID. Eventually he sighed heavily and stretched to pick it up. Bennet. Well this could be one thing or the other and he seriously hoped it was the other.




“I’m guessing you’re in that fishbowl of an office again? Well this is going to be interesting.”


Nathan smirked as he realised it was Thursday night. Noah was off and he had the house to himself, which usually sent his thoughts straight to his dick. The last few week it had been the same thing, not that Nathan was complaining. All work and no play…


“What can I do for you Noah?” Nathan slid his chair further under the desk and wondered whether he could get away with touching himself.


“It’s what I can do for you Senator. I bet you’re very tense right now. I bet you’d like to have someone easing up those shoulders for you.”


Nathan’s cock twitched as he imagined that firm no-nonsense grip on his tired muscles. “That would be acceptable.” He murmured, scanning the corridor for any movement.


“Of course to really take the edge off, I’d have to be on my knees under that big desk of yours, swallowing your cock.”


“Hmm. Yeah, that would work.”


“I bet it would. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Feeling my mouth around you, all your stress disappearing. Are you touching yourself?”




“Are you picturing me under there? Sucking your dick while anyone might see us? Any of your agents could walk in right now, see you with you hand on your cock, getting off on dirty talk from your second in command.”


“Given yourself a promotion have you?” Nathan increased his speed, imagining Noah sucking him. He always made him take his glasses off, he liked him like that.


“I mean second in command of your sexual satisfaction. I guess I’d be starting to taste you right about now, you must be close, your voice is more high pitched.”


Nathan just panted. He wanted to come so that he could stop worrying about being caught. The fear of detection wasn’t a kink of his at all, he liked locked doors, secrets. He liked being able to do what whatever filthy thing he wanted.


“Come on Senator, come for me. Nathan…”


At the sound of his own name Nathan came, jerking forward and covering his moans with a cough.


On the other end of the phone, Noah laughed. “See you tomorrow Nathan, room 12a at noon. My turn.” The line went dead as Nathan panted, grabbing tissues from his desk drawer. One day, this whole thing was going to turn on him, but until then, he may as well enjoy the ride.



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