Title : Undercover Part 4/4
Word Count : 3182
Rating : NC17 for Graphic Sex

Summary so far : Mohinder and Gabriel are sent undercover by the Company. Posing as a couple at a Vermont hotel their acting becomes more, before Gabriel starts to wonder whether Mohinder's feelings are real or the result of exposure to the narcotic power of their target.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Gabriel stared at the harsh grey building from the guts of a wrecked ferryboat on the waterfront of Lake Champlain. The Roberts Dockyard wasn’t your typical dockyard at all, just home to a disused ferry station, but easily unnoticed from the far shore of the lake. There was no sign of movement and his racing adrenaline was sending his abilities haywire. His hearing wasn’t up to what was going on inside the building. He had to get closer, he had to see what was going on. Mohinder could be dead by now, dead because of him and his stupid imagination. It was 11.10am.

He crept along the shoreline, voices and movements coming to him like static on an old radio. He couldn’t hear Mohinder, just people talking in Portuguese. As he reached the building he heard footsteps approaching and flattened himself against the wall. A guard walked out of the building and Gabriel could hear him around the corner lighting a cigarette. He bent down slowly and picked up a pebble, tossing it into the water. There was a pause before the guard walked towards the source of the noise and Gabriel snapped his neck, floating his corpse to the ground with telekinesis. He disarmed the man before lifting him on to the lake with a flick of his wrist and sinking him silently below the waters.

From the sounds of it there were four people in the room. They couldn’t know about Gabriel’s abilities or there would have been many more. He heard more talking in Portuguese before a man’s voice spoke in English to Mohinder.

“I’m growing tired Agente. Maybe we should let him hear you. Or maybe he will not come at all?”

There was a ripping sound, Gabriel surmised it was the tape being taken off Mohinder’s mouth, before his voice made Gabriel tremble with rage.

“He won’t come, you may as well shoot me now. He’s under orders to leave me behind.”

“Very well. As you wish.” Marridas nodded to his associate but the man didn’t have time to draw the weapon before Gabriel slammed him into wall, and slammed the remaining two guards together, knocking them out.

Marridas turned around. He wasn’t an imposing man, his white hair and tanned skin made him look like the type of friendly grandfather you might see sunning himself on a Florida porch, but his eyes were dark and expressionless, and he didn’t flinch at the display of violence as the guard bled out over the floor of the abandoned building.

“I like a man who doesn’t follow orders Mr Murphy. But you know I cannot let you leave.”

Gabriel growled “I’d like to see how you’re going to stop me.” He waved a hand towards Marridas but his arm felt like lead. He stared at it as it if weren’t his own. “What have you done to me?”

“You didn’t read my file Mr Murphy? A great power, it said. Devastating.” Marridas smiled as if he’d learned to do it from a book and ambled towards Mohinder. “Of course, not as quick as a bullet to the head, and far more expensive. He held the gun to Mohinder’s temple.

“If you kill him I’ll blow this place up. You, me, everything.” Gabriel swallowed and almost passed out from the exertion.

“You would kill yourself with him? Is he worth this much to you?”

“Yes.” Gabriel said through gritted teeth. His knees began to buckle.

“And deprive the world of my power also? I find this very selfish.”

“But it’s not you. It’s the woman. She touched him.” Gabriel felt his eyes become heavy and panted at the effort of holding himself upright.

Marridas laughed. “I heard your little theory, it was ….amusing.” He leaned into Mohinder’s ear. “Let me assure you Agente, if it was my power making you amorous, your partner would not be able to walk this morning. And I don’t have to lay a finger on you.”

Mohinder struggled in his binds as Marridas raised his gun to Gabriel’s head. “You should have a little more faith in love Mr Murphy, it’s what I built my business on. And think yourself lucky to have had a dose with a street value of $50,000.”

Mohinder moaned as a gunshot rang out and screwed his eyes shut. He heard a body hit the floor and froze, waiting for his turn.


“Peter?” Mohinder opened his eyes to see Peter materialise out of nowhere, backed up by Noah Bennett. Marridas lay on the ground, head destroyed but with a surprised look still permeating from his dead eyes.

“Are you okay? We need to get you to a doctor.” Peter untied Mohinder as Noah kicked a chair over to a dazed Gabriel.

“How did you know...” Gabriel slurred his words as the drug started to leave his system as fast as it had absorbed into it.

“You dialled the whole number before you hung up, we knew there must be something wrong.” Noah picked up Marridas’ gun and snapped open his cellphone, barking clean up instructions into it as he left the building.

Peter saw a look pass between Mohinder and Gabriel and took the hint. “I’m going to get us some cars back to the hotel, see you outside.” He followed Noah, patting Mohinder on the shoulder as he left.

Gabriel stood and pulled Mohinder to his feet, running a thumb over the grazed skin where Mohinder had been knocked out. “Are you really okay? How do you feel?”

“I feel…I don’t know. Tired.”

Gabriel nodded, offering his arm to Mohinder and helping him outside. Whatever conversation they were going to have, they weren’t going to have it here.


Back at the hotel Mohinder seemed pale and listless. In a re-run of the first night they arrived he allowed Gabriel to propel him forward into the lobby before Peter placed a hand on his chest.

“Mohinder, I booked you a separate room, you need to get some rest.” He shot a warning look at Gabriel.


Mohinder’s voice surprised them both. “No, I want to go back to our room.” He said as his head rested on Gabriel’s shoulder.

Peter backed off and Gabriel couldn’t resist smirking at him as he brought Mohinder to the elevators.

The room had been cleaned and Gabriel wondered what the maid must have thought when she saw the mess. He lowered Mohinder slowly onto the bed and pulled off his shoes. Sitting by his side he stroked gently fingers through his hair and squeezed his hand. “Can I get you anything?”

Mohinder’s eyes fluttered open. “Come and lie with me.” He murmured, closing his eyes again. Gabriel kicked his own shoes off and lay next to Mohinder, unsure of what to do with his hands. Mohinder opened his eyes and rolled over, trapping Gabriel’s left leg between his and pressing an arm around his waist. Gabriel responded by holding him close and ruffling his curls again. Without thinking he kissed Mohinder lightly on the forehead.

Mohinder felt so tired, his limbs ached and he wanted to sleep but he remembered the look on Gabriel’s face when he thought that all the affection he had showed him was fake, the result of a drug. He wanted to prove to him that that wasn’t the case. He tried to sit up but couldn’t and settled for rolling onto his back, pulling Gabriel with him. He looked deep into his eyes and parted his lips. He couldn’t lift his head to kiss him, instead resting his hands on the back of Gabriel’s head and hoping he would take the hint. When he saw Gabriel’s eyes close he smiled and waited….

“No Mohinder, this is wrong.”

Mohinder’s eyes snapped open.

“You’re still under the effects of that drug, you don’t want this.” Gabriel looked in the eye, pleading with him to disagree.

“I do want this. The drug just made me tired, and those feelings I had for you..they were real, and they’re still there. Now you can make me wait until we get back to New York, or until I’ve seen a doctor, but I’m telling you, I know my own mind, and I want this. I want you Gabriel.”

Gabriel smiled and bit his lip which gave Mohinder that extra rush of adrenaline he needed to lift his head and catch Gabriel’s lips in a long-awaited kiss. Gabriel sighed as he allowed his lips to press against Mohinder’s over and over. He absent-mindedly stroked a finger up and down Mohinder’s neck as he felt the other man’s tongue brush over his. He deepened the kiss, letting more of his weight down onto Mohinder’s body and responding to his gentle moans by sweeping his tongue into his partner’s mouth.

Mohinder’s hands stilled on Gabriel’s back and he retreated gently, noticing the heavy lidded eyes which were fighting to stay open. “You’re tired.”

“No, I’m….” Mohinder yawned and laughed lazily.

“Sit up, come on.” Gabriel rolled over and pulled him up, unbuttoning his shirt cuffs diligently as Mohinder watched him. He moved on to the shirt buttons, popping them one by one and easing it off Mohinder’s shoulders. Red marks that would turn into bruises peppered his chest where he’d been manhandled and Gabriel leaned down to drop gently kisses onto the abrasions. He tossed Mohinder’s shirt onto the floor and unfastened the button of his pants, unzipping them and pulling them off as Mohinder re-settled himself onto the bed, head on the pillow. Gabriel peeled off Mohinder’s socks, rubbing his ankles as he did so before edging off the bed to undress himself and pull the curtains.

As the lemony afternoon light blinked out Mohinder closed his eyes. He hummed as he felt Gabriel’s weight in the bed next to him and the coolness of the satin eiderdown drag itself up onto his body. He told himself to turn over, put his arms around Gabriel and fall asleep like that. But the tiredness which weighed down his limbs sent him drifting off, and when Gabriel said his name moments later, he was fast asleep.

Gabriel breathed deeply. As his conscious mind shook off the haze of sleep he felt unknown sensations send lightening bolts across the surface of his skin. Keeping his eyes closed he lifted his hand to the vague vicinity of the prickling heat and found his fingers dragging over Mohinder’s soft curls. He felt gentle kisses being scattered across his stomach, threatening to drift towards his groin. He moaned encouragement, his sleepiness keeping him concerned with his own pleasure over decorum. Mohinder’s tongue flattened over Gabriel’s jutting hip bone and he had to push the heels of his hands into the mattress to prevent himself from bucking into his mouth.

The elasticated waistband of his boxer briefs started to move and Gabriel lifted himself off the bed to allow Mohinder to cast them off. His head was telling that Mohinder wasn’t ready for this shift in their relationship, that he should stop him, but the pure physical want of feeling Mohinder lick and suck at his bare skin was winning out. Gabriel’s cock sprung up as Mohinder ran his soft bottom lip along the length. His tongue swirled over the tip, taking the copious pre-cum into his mouth and covering Gabriel with hot wetness as he started to suck in earnest. The shushing of Mohnder’s hair on the eiderdown as he bobbed his head was the only sound and Gabriel thought it was the most fantastic thing he had ever heard. He stroked Mohinder’s shoulder with his fingertips, too overwhelmed to even utter any more encouragement, and panted as he felt his cock hit Mohinder’s throat while he licked and hummed around him.

He wanted to watch, and lifted himself up slowly onto his elbows, holding a reassuring hand to Mohinder’s head as he moved slightly. He took in Mohinder’s peaceful look, the slow bob of his head and his hands holding him firmly by the hips. He had imagined this so many times, and now he was experiencing it, the sensation, the tiny sounds, the beautiful sight of Mohinder giving him this gift, he felt ridiculous for even trying to paint his own picture of the moment. Mohinder moaned softly and the vibration tipped Gabriel over the edge. He gasped and twisted the bedsheets in his hands, letting his head fall back as he heard Mohinder gulp and take a breath.

Mohinder crawled up the bed to lie with him, draping himself over Gabriel’s chest and looking up at him for a reaction. Gabriel smiled, drawing him into his arms deeper and laying a lazy kiss on his lips as the fizzing and burning in his stomach subsided. “Well aren’t you the dark horse?” he giggled, cuddling Mohinder to him.

“You look so gorgeous when you’re sleeping I couldn’t resist you.”

Mohinder nudged Gabriel over towards the middle of the bed and settled back down into his arms. Gabriel thought about that last thing he had said. This almost seemed too good to be true. Woken by a blowjob, embraced and told he was irresistible? Gabriel’s mind started to whirr again. “Mohinder? How do you feel about me? Right now?”

Mohnder nuzzled into his chest, pecking him on the collar bone. “I think you’re gorgeous, and sexy. And you saved me.”

“I didn’t save you, I almost got you killed.” Gabriel started to frown. Something was wrong.

“You came for me, you killed the guard who was about to shoot me, you called in for backup. I owe you my life, and I might just have to carry on making it up to you…” Mohinder lay on top of Gabriel, kissing hungrily at his neck and grinding against his cock as it began to harden again.

“No!” Gabriel threw him off and felt immediately ashamed as he saw the hurt in Mohinder’s eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Mohinder knelt on the bed, head tilted adorably as Gabriel put his in his hands.

Without looking up Gabriel whispered. “Is this real?”

Mohinder rolled his eyes, his tone hardening as he lost patience. “Look, I don’t know how many times I can repeat myself, so why don’t stop the “Boo hoo nobody loves me” nonsense because I’m getting bloody irritated.” He flung himself back on to the bed with an almighty sigh, not noticing Gabriel start to smile.

“I irritate you?” He murmured, tracing patterns on the bedsheets.

“Yes! You’re being self-pitying and patronising.” Mohinder allowed his eyes to dart over to Gabriel who raised himself up on his knees, pulling the eiderdown around him.

“What else irritates you about me?” Gabriel asked, smirking.

Mohinder tried to disguise a smile, getting up and kneeling with his back to Gabriel, who settling between his splayed legs and held him firmly from behind, stroking his chest and kissing his shoulders. “You’re arrogant and defensive.” Mohinder growled.

“Mmmm,” Gabriel moaned, running his fingers around the waistband of Mohinder’s white boxer briefs. He stretched the waistband wide and pushed them down, taking a firm hold on Mohinder’s length as he did so. Gabriel smiled as Mohinder’s head dropped back and breathed in the scent of his hair, stroking his cock steadily.

“You’re undisciplined and…….oh…..touchy.”

“Touchy?” Gabriel stilled his hand. “You don’t like it when I’m touchy?”

“Maybe I’m coming round to the idea, please don’t stop.” He twisted his head to the side and planted a kiss on Gabriel’s jaw.

Gabriel began to stroke again, running Mohinder’s balls through his fingers with his free right hand. “Do I drive you crazy?” he whispered.

“Mmm.Yes.” Mohinder lounged back against Gabriel submitting to his touch and letting the waves of pleasure rush over him. Before he could ask Gabriel tightened his grip and intensified the stroking, letting his fingertips dance over the tip of Mohinder’s cock over and over. “Oh God, yes you drive me to….oh….distraction.”

Gabriel sucked on Mohinder’s earlobe and flattened his palm onto his balls, stretching a finger to stroke along his perineum. Focusing on the difference in textures, the smoothness of the perineal skin against the loose pliability of Mohinder’s cock he almost lost himself in the repetitive action and moans which would be almost inaudible to anyone else but which rang in Gabriel’s ears like glorious thunder.

“Gabriel I’m…” Mohinder panted, his orgasm close.

Gabriel hitched his wrist and pushed a finger inside Mohinder, sucking down on his new lover’s shoulder as he tremored and came, the invasion of his body destroying the last shred of his self-control.

Stroking Mohinder gently through the last gasps of his climax, Gabriel smiled and giggled into his ear. “Do I still irritate you?”

Mohinder grinned, turning to face Gabriel. He didn’t answer but pressed their lips together, caressing Gabriel’s lower back.

A knock at the door made their heads snap round with comical synchronicity.

“Guys, we’re moving.” Peter’s voice brought them back down to earth and they parted reluctantly, Mohinder pulling his boxers back up and heading for the shower. He paused as he reached the bathroom door and looked over his shoulder.

“Not much time, we’ll have to shower together.” He said, smiling as he caught the reflection of Gabriel almost falling off the bed in this haste to join him.

Noah glanced into the rear view mirror and adjusted it to better see what he thought he saw. Mohinder and Gabriel were in the back seat, sitting silently but both smiling intermittently. He saw Mohinder’s hand on the seat in the space between them. He saw Gabriel’s pinkie stroke Mohinder’s lightly and the little grin that played across his mouth. He looked at Peter in the passenger seat who was staring out of the window, oblivious, before looking back at the blushing pair in the back seat.

“So almost all of the intel on Marridas was wrong, you completely misunderstood the nature of his power, which by the way was the only thing we got right in the file. You didn’t even lay eyes on him until he had one of you tied to a chair, and you spent the whole weekend holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls. Good job agents.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes. “Marridas is out of the picture, no harm, no foul.”

“Hmm. Sure would have been nice to get him into Level Five though.” Noah’s eyes went back to the road but he couldn’t resist checking up on Gabriel and Mohinder every now and then like a father chaperoning on date night.

When Peter started fiddling with the radio Gabriel took the opportunity to whisper into Mohinder’s ear. “So has the love potion worn off yet or can I convince you to take me home after this?”

Mohinder smiled. “You didn’t really think it was a pheromone did you?”

Gabriel sat back, chuckling at himself. “I guess not.”

“I mean…that’s like something out of fan fiction!” Mohinder shook his head at their naivety.

Gabriel nodded before a slightly confused look spread across his face. “What’s fan fiction?”


From: [identity profile] levitatethis.livejournal.com

The final chapter! What am I supposed to do now with this story finished?

I really dig how you've wrapped it all up and the real closeness that you've established through all the chapters to lead to this one. I like how much pretense has been set aside and you them trying to be together, as honestly as possible. Gabriel undressing Mohinder (and Mohinder wanting to roll up against him but too tired and having to settle for what he can get) is very hot :-)

And then the wake up blow job? Hello, indeed!

My favourite part though (besides the cuteness of Bennet feeling like a father chaperoning the two of them being all flirty in the back of the car) is that Gabriel only believes that Mohinder's feelings are genuine when Mohinder says he finds Gabriel irritating. If that's not them I don't know what is.

Great story!

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Wake up blowjobs FTW lol

Glad you like, I had to have Mohinder snapping and telling him to shut up with his insecurities XD

From: [identity profile] bloody-beary.livejournal.com

Wonderful and funny ending! I love how Peter is oblivious to it all, it is SO HIM!! Love this little series!! Keep on writing mylar please!! We have enough angst in our mylar and you are like a sugar treat we love to munch on when we get tired of fast food. There aren't many happy endings in mylar.

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Aw! Thankyou! I like being a sugar treat lol

This is the end of this story but I have an AU coming up which will give you toothache XD

From: [identity profile] abordantoinette.livejournal.com

Hooooly shit!

i loved loved loved this story.

the way sylar killed that first guard and silenty sunk him in the lake was badass.

this is so well written. it might sound crazy, but some of this reminded me of gabriel garcia marquez, especially In Evil Hour, which i love. (it was this paragraph that reminded me: Marridas turned around. He wasn’t an imposing man, his white hair and tanned skin made him look like the type of friendly grandfather you might see sunning himself on a Florida porch, but his eyes were dark and expressionless, and he didn’t flinch at the display of violence as the guard bled out over the floor of the abandoned building.).

and these two are too adorable! love the ending.
great job!

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Re: Hooooly shit!

Wow, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, that's quite a big compliment! LOL

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, glad you liked it x

From: [identity profile] speccygeekgrrl.livejournal.com

Oh, I have been looking forward to this part so eagerly, and it's perfect!

Question: have you mentioned Lake Champlain before? because I used to live right next to it and as soon as I saw the name I went "OHHHH THAT'S WHERE THEY ARE" xD

Aw, Gabriel being all 'nooo it's drugs' and Mohinder all 'don't be stupid, DO ME' xD And Mohinder telling him all the ways he's annoying while Gabriel gets him off! that was wonderful!

The last few lines KILLED ME DEAD!


From: [identity profile] moorishflower.livejournal.com

The image of Noah as a disapproving chaperone made me giggle. :D This whole adventure has been gorgeously funny and hot and thrilling and I adored every second of it. <3

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

No, I made it Lake Champlain because I said in the last chapter that Mohinder would be at the dockyard, but then I forgot they were in Vermont where apparently there aren't any dockyards! So I made it a ferry station LOL. Bad research XD

From: [identity profile] original-tinks.livejournal.com

i'm so sad to see this end but looking forward to the next fluffy fic you promise =D

thank you!!!

From: [identity profile] darkqueenakasha.livejournal.com

Yay! Great finish.

"and you spent the whole weekend holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls. Good job agents."


From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Thanks for the prompt in the first place! I've had so much fun writing this!

From: [identity profile] perdiccas.livejournal.com

LOVED IT! Awwwww the sex was hot and sweet, and I love that Gabriel had all those doubts and that Mohinder called him on it.

Loved that they basically suck as agents and that HRG had to save the day, because I could totally see that. HRG is the only competent one in the whole Company. :)

Great final chapter to a great fic! <3

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

I had to put HRG in there, he's the only one who could have saved them. And a little jealous Peter is always good XD

From: [identity profile] eridanie.livejournal.com

OMG! This is so great!
Oh I love the conlusion, and the hot hotness smexing! and how cute they are together! and Noah at the end! and OMJG mentioning fanfic at the end Ghahahahahhahahaha!

From: [identity profile] blossommorphine.livejournal.com

To finish up the comment on the last chapter (because all my work caused me to miss that previous gem and I went back to read it before this one), I love it because it is both emotional without doing a head job on me. A perfect fic to come home, drink some hot chocolate or pumpkin tea, and relax and leave behind all your worries. It's sweet, it's cute, a dash of crack, a hint of tongue-in-cheek (bad, cracky fanfiction reference ftw!), and it still takes itself seriously enough to pull off a smexy pron scene that is just so yummy. Oh yes, there is just that quality of 'good for the fangirl, good for the heart' stuff. Maybe that seems silly or nonsensical, but that is how I feel. I am just grooving to this, feeling all at peace and dreamy.


From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Thankyou so much! The accompaniment to hot chocolate and pumpkin tea is a big compliment XD

From: [identity profile] brandinsbabe.livejournal.com

OMGOD!!!!!! squee!!!! i love you so much, do you know that?

I'm sad that this is done, but what a freakin perfect ending. I love how in the end Mohnder wanted to go back to the hotel room with Gabriel and it all just unfolded so perfectly.

haha oh man, you write gabriel and mohinder so perfectly. especially there at the end when Gabriel gets all upset and only believes Mohinder when he calls him irritating. how perfectly them.

Peter and Bennet to the rescue!!! what a great touch! especially the car ride at the end. I love when Bennet is the disapproving dad with them hee! :D


From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Thanks so much I'm glad you liked it, I'm kind of sad it's done too, I've loved writing it! Maybe they could go back to the hotel for anniversary smex LOL

From: [identity profile] ladywilde80.livejournal.com

Oh love - I'm so happy to see this chapter. What a great story and a great finish. I love protective Sylar so the beginning of this was pure perfection and then the sleepy, yummy morning sex - just wonderful.

This was a great fic and so much fun!! You did a fantastic job with it.

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Thankyou! I love protective Sylar too, had to have him make an appearance! X

From: [identity profile] mabetini.livejournal.com


Much more to come I hope...GAH the BJ was so hot and wonderful!!! Just what I needed on a lonely saturday night XD!!!

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

Thankyou! Yes I've got some fluff on the boil LOL

Thans for reading, glad you like it!

From: [identity profile] aurilly.livejournal.com

“Look, I don’t know how many times I can repeat myself, so why don’t stop the “Boo hoo nobody loves me” nonsense because I’m getting bloody irritated.”
Yay! I LOVED that. How it was all sexy and romantic and dreamy, and then Mohinder just threw a little temper tantrum in the middle of it. Love!

This was such a great story, and beautifully ended! Thanks for sharing. This was such a pick-me-up.

From: [identity profile] takhallus.livejournal.com

You're more than welcome! Glad I could cheer you up with fluff XD


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